Marketing in OmaPosti

OmaPosti makes everyday life easier for consumers, supports companies’ business activities and serves as an excellent marketing channel.

Who is the service designed for?

Advertising to customers waiting for the arrival of an online purchase is an excellent opportunity to offer discounts, redirect the customer to the web store and reinforce the customer relationship.


By advertising on the page where the customers enter the parcel tracking code, you ensure exposure to anyone visiting the page. You can activate all the customers using parcel tracking even after they have completed their purchase.

In OmaPosti, you can target your advertising directly to the customer. Customers logging in to OmaPosti undergo strong authentication. In the service, the customer receives all the invoices, electronic letters and payslips in the same view, tracks and sends parcels and submits different types of payments.

The Smart invoice of the OmaPosti service can transform each invoice or item into a customer service channel and an opportunity for additional sales. The advertising space provides a quick method for contacting the service provider to ask about an invoice or express satisfaction with the services, for example. The Smart invoice can be tailored according to your needs.

  • Target your advertising directly to the customer

  • Transform each invoice or item into a customer service channel

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