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Digital marketing reaches customers in Posti’s channels

Posti’s digital channels offer an advertising place to enable you to reach your target groups

Reach your customers through our various channels or with the help of our cookie data when the customer is most acceptable towards additional sales. Advertising on the change of address notification form, in Item Tracking or on the Smart invoice in the OmaPosti service boosts new customer acquisition and enables excellent services for existing customers. Our data cookies also help you reach various target groups through display advertising on other websites.

Target groups for digital marketing

The cookie data we collect from Posti’s website can be used to target display advertising.

Advertising on the change of address notification form

Advertising on the change of address notification form enables you to reach new customers and reinforce your relationship with your current customers.

Advertising in Item Tracking

An ad in Posti’s Item Tracking reaches frequent online shoppers.

Advertising on the OmaPosti Smart invoice

An ad in the Smart invoice of the OmaPosti service transforms each invoice or item into a customer service channel and an opportunity for additional sales.