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Our customer service is currently congested. If your case concerns the prevailing coronavirus situation, you will find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Ensure the receipt of your delivery

The Information Service helps you ensure that vital information or valuable materials are delivered and that you are informed if the recipient cannot be reached.

Who is the service designed for?

For various parties from organizations to businesses who need to maintain an up-to-date address register and reliably deliver their messages to recipients.


The Information Service helps you save time and money as it enables you to avoid the trouble and costs of resending a returned item. You will also be notified of the new and corrected addresses and, for instance, the death of the recipient.

Posti’s Information Service carries out an address clarification for items with incorrect address information and delivers the item to the correct address. In addition, any changed information is saved and delivered to the sender according to the service level. If the recipient cannot be reached and the address is not discovered, you can choose to take back any undeliverable items.

The Information Service provides valuable information on your items, such as business and consumer address changes and information about people who have passed away. We will report delivered Priority and Economy items electronically.

  • Ensure the return of your materials if the recipient cannot be reached

  • The correction of any incorrect information guarantees the success of your Customer Direct campaign

Boost and improve customer satisfaction

The Information Service saves you time and money. The service saves you the effort and costs of resending the item. You will also be notified of the new and corrected addresses and, for instance, the death of the recipient. This means you can correct the data in your customer register yourself and the recipient will not repeatedly receive items with an incorrect or misspelled address. This translates as improved customer satisfaction.

Posti can’t deliver all items even with the help of address clarification services. Such undeliverable items will be returned to the sender. You can save the costs of these unnecessary mailings and reuse the materials, such as catalogs, for different purposes. All this useful information on your items is available as an electronic report that can, for example, be sent to your e-mail address.

Organizations: Members often forget to inform organizations of their change of address.

Mail order companies: The delivery of valuable printed products is important.

Debt collection companies: Income depends on reaching people via mail.

B2B companies: Customer communications are enhanced when catalogs, brochures and other paper messages reach the right recipients

Destination countries The service is available in Posti’s delivery network in Finland. Only Priority and Economy letters are forwarded abroad.

Indications and codes For the Information Service, you will need:

  • An Information Service ID, the so-called “i” identifier

  • A service number, a service level number and a bar code

  • Sender-specific information, such as the customer number as a bar code

Pricing and payment methods Pricing is based on the number of corrected addresses and the delivery type of changed information (incl. information on undeliverable items). Service level 0 (zero) pricing is based on the number of undeliverable items. The service is subject to contract-based invoicing. See prices.

Delivery types and formats Delivery type of report and change of address: Kontakti, SFTP or letter. For electronic deliveries, the preferred file format is CSV (Excel). Available also as PDF or fixed-length text file.

See the content description of CSV or a fixed-length text file: Record description, address in one field (pdf) Record description, address in component form (pdf)

We will provide additional information You will also receive additional information concerning your customers, e.g.

  • addressee deceased/adult/minor

  • company or company outlet in operation/out of operation

  • whether the address could be discovered, i.e. whether the item could have been delivered

Further information The functionality of the service requires that the Information Service indications on the items are correct. Displaying the Information Service identifier and the identification information as a bar code on top of the item improves the quality of the service. We are happy to test the functionality of bar codes and IDs.

The Information Service has three different service levels from which you can choose the best one according to how you want your items to be handled. The service level may vary according to mailing batch.

Service level 1)012
Complete address clarification using the Posti address information system 2)xx
Forwarding even though the addressee's Information Service agreement has expired 2)xx
Undeliverable direct marketing materials, small items and publications will be returnedxx
Notification is sent concerning undeliverable itemsxx
Notification of change of address is deliveredxx
Identification information (such as customer number) is delivered if found on the itemxx
Further information is providedxx
  1. Posti’s Maintenance Service customers can also utilize the Individual Information Service with the service levels A and E. With regard to functions, level A corresponds to level 1, whereas level E corresponds to level 2. The use of the Individual Information Service is subject to separate agreement. Further information is available from our customer service.

  2. Address clarification, forwarding and returning undeliverable items are included in the basic letter service.