Data and analytics expert services

Expert services provide help in the efficient exploitation of information and data in the planning and development of business as well as marketing. The service is customer-specific and designed in close cooperation to meet your company’s needs.

Posti’s strengths in expert services

  • Decades of experience in using data and analytics in making logistics and production more efficient and in business development

  • In-depth competence in data analysis and use in the targeting and development of marketing

Competitive edge through analytics and data

Current analytics tools and methods help turn data into your competitive edge fast and cost-effectively. Analytics have opened up completely new opportunities to increase net sales, cut costs, develop products or launch them into the market at the right time and target marketing resources at the most important customers. Using analytics has also turned into a significant part of modern business.

Posti’s experts at your service

You can use Posti’s data and analytics expert services, for instance, for planning and realizing new products and services, optimizing production and logistics, developing a service network, and making decisions about the business. Based on our experiences, analytics have introduced diverse facts to support decision-making and have played a significant role in making successful choices.