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Reliable data to support business

Reliable, high-quality data is a prerequisite for efficient sales and marketing. As experts of Finland and Finns, we have access to superior data sources to find the right information for your company

Our data source covers all Finns – more than 5 million people. The data sources of our data and marketing services include the Population Information System (VTJ), the Vehicular and Driver Data Register (Trafi), Posti’s register of mail recipients and telephone number database. Posti is a responsible and reliable operator that ensures information security and guarantees that the processing of data meets all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU.

  • Expert of Finland and Finns

  • Reliable, high-quality and responsibly collected data

  • Posti is the only operator in Finland to have two official databases of personal data

Our data sources

The Population Information System (VTJ) is a national, electronic data file containing the basic information of Finns and those permanently living in Finland. The most frequently used basic register in Finland, the VTJ also contains information on buildings, construction projects, apartments and real estate.

We use the rich and comprehensive data storage of the Population Information System to help our customers understand their customers, target their marketing communications and update their customer registers.

The Population Information System is maintained by the Population Register Centre, the local register offices and some of the municipalities. The registration of the information is based on the statutory notifications of citizens and authorities. The information in the VTJ may only be used under the terms of an information disclosure authorization issued by an authority.

In addition to the Population Information System, the mail recipient register is one of the most frequently used, reliable basic registers. It contains information on all the individuals who have a mailing address in Finland. In practice, the register contains the name, address and other contact information of individuals, building information, message directing information as well as personal refusal and consent information.

The register also includes personal identity numbers. Posti receives basic information, such as name changes, newborns, immigrants and deceased individuals, from the Population Information System in accordance with the Postal Act. Posti collects address information directly from individuals with the use of change of address notifications.

The register can be used to send messages and to update and check customer registers. The strengths of the register include its coverage, accuracy and speed. Posti’s address information system is updated every night. The register also receives consumers’ advance change of address information.

The Vehicular and Driver Data Register of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) contains information on vehicles and their drivers. The technical details, identification data, inspection and approval information as well as purpose of use, mortgaging and taxation information of vehicles are stored in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register. The register also contains information on the individuals’ driver’s licenses, driving rights, completed driving tests and drivers’ professional qualifications. The register contains the information of the 5 million vehicles used on the roads as well as 3.7 million driver’s licenses. The information of Trafi may only be used under the terms of an information disclosure authorization issued by an authority.

The number database contains the telephone subscription information of teleoperators and Suomen Numeropalvelu Oy (SNOY). The number database contains nearly all the public Finnish landline and mobile phone numbers, excluding prepaid subscriptions, unlisted numbers and the numbers of business extensions. The information in the number database is updated nearly every weekday.

The grid materials of Statistics Finland include basic information on the region’s population structure, education, housing, income and jobs. The grid materials cover all of Finland and are available in grids of 250 m x 250 m, 1 km x 1 km or 5 km x 5 km.

In addition to other data sources, we have access to large quantities of open data received from the Finnish Environment Institute and Statistics Finland. Open data covers, for example, average salaries of professions and diverse information about the environment and water systems

We use the Päättäjät ja Vaikuttajat (decision-makers and influential people) database to help you reach the right businesses and select up-to-date corporate decision-maker contacts for marketing and communications. The database consists of over 500,000 organizations and 600,000 decision-makers. The information in the database comes from the YTJ Business Information System and covers businesses and communities and their offices, public administration and municipalities and their offices, as well as organizations and educational establishments.

We collect cookie data from all our web services and our mobile application, used by 1.6 million Finns each month. Cookie data can be used to target advertising to customers who are about to move, active online buyers, etc.

Posti’s register for electronic consumer services covers information about users who have been strongly authenticated and who are registered as users of Posti’s electronic services, such as OmaPosti. Upon the customer’s consent, the information in the register can also be processed for the direct marketing purposes of Posti’s selected cooperation partners and the updates of customer registers.

Posti is the only operator in Finland able to provide change of address information before the move actually takes place. Service providers are interested in movers as changing addresses makes people buy products and services. Posti has the most comprehensive data sources in the country to reach movers. Posti’s services will help you to reach both current and potential customers at all the stages of their moving process and through all the different channels. Movers can be reached directly through an electronic change of address notification form, via online marketing, by telephone or through printed direct marketing.

Some of the unique data created in Posti’s delivery and its planning is also available in the data services of our business customer. For example, we know which consumers wish to receive unaddressed direct marketing and which do not.

Posti is a cooperation partner of the Finnish Direct Marketing Association. We use the prohibition registers for telemarketing (so-called telerobinson) and addressed direct marketing (so-called mail robinson). The information can be used in direct marketing and as data to be input in the customer’s register, for example in connection with an updating service.

The Nordic conzoom® classifier provides information on the socio-economic situation of households as well as consumers’ behavior and attitudes. The neighborhood classifier divides Finnish residential areas into ten different groups and 31 classes. Statistics based on grids together with value and consumer behavior data by TNS Gallup provide the basis of the classification, which means the classification includes consumers’ opinions and attitudes, among other things.

conzoom® can be imported directly to the customer base, which means it can be exploited customer segmentation, register profiling and in all communications and marketing directed at own customers. The classification can also be used in new customer acquisition in addressed and unaddressed printed direct marketing.

In addition to authorities’ registers, it is possible to utilize various, comprehensive marketing registers to approach consumers through multiple channels on print, via telephone and via e-mail. The target groups can be limited with the help of both the data in the register or various modeled enrichments. In addition, more specifically limited registers are available, for example various profession and hobby-based registers such as physicians and forest owners.