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Profiling helps you know your customers

Profiling provides information on your current customers and helps you identify the differences between customer groups. Better customer understanding delivers more personal messages to your customers, increases sales and promotes new customer acquisition.

Who is the service designed for?

Profiling helps you analyze the customer base of your company. Profiling helps you discover the ages, geographic locations and purchasing power of your customers.


Detailed customer profiles facilitate the development of products, services and customer service. At the same time, customer profiles can be used when planning customer communications and marketing as well as in identifying suitable marketing target groups for new customer acquisition.

Profiling results in customer profiles created of your entire customer base or its selected part which helps you know your customers even better. Customer profiles help you target your campaign to new potential customers whose profiles match your current customers and who, therefore, are more likely to take an interest in your products.

  • Increase customer understanding and send more personal messages

  • Increase sales and promote new customer acquisition

  • Identify timing for the most effective marketing

Choose the suitable profiling model for your needs

On the basis of the profiling model suited for your needs, we will create precise customer descriptions for your company to deepen your customer understanding and help your company develop its operations on the terms of the target group.