Target unaddressed advertising by optimizing delivery areas

Unaddressed direct marketing draws interest, is remembered and activates efficiently. Unaddressed direct marketing can also be targeted through optimizing delivery areas. The targeting can be carried out at postal code level through various means.

Who is the service designed for?

When you wish to send out direct marketing but have more detailed targeting needs, optimizing the delivery areas is the right solution for you.


By optimizing the delivery areas, you will reach the postal codes with the most potential, whether searching for the most interesting target groups or areas where your company has the most or least sales.

By optimizing the delivery areas, you can reach the postal codes where the factors important for your company are emphasized. You can, for instance, reach the postal code areas with most sales per resident or areas within a 30-minute drive from your office. Or perhaps you want to reach wealthy families with children or premium car owners? Once you profile your customer base, you will receive the maximum benefit from optimizing the delivery areas.

  • Reach the postal codes important to your company

Ways of targeting at postal code level

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