Increase customer understanding through enrichments

Enrichments are information modelled at the personal level that assist the segmentation of customers and the targeting and personalization of customer relationship marketing and communications. Select the best enrichments for your company in our enrichment service.

Who is the service designed for?

When you wish to know your customers better, we recommend linking enrichments to your customer register or profiling your customer register with enrichment data. Enrichments provide information such as where your customer lives and what type of car they own.


Enrichments develop your customer knowledge and service, improve the targeting of marketing communications and help your company identify cross-selling opportunities.

Whether you require information about how your customers behave online, whether they own cars or how they live, we can provide you this information for targeting your marketing communications or your segmentation. We continuously develop our own enrichments and also sell and link our partners’ enrichments to your customer base. In addition, enrichments can be used in new customer acquisition to help determine target groups.

  • Information about households’ socioeconomic status, vehicles and housing

  • Information about consumer behaviour, values and attitudes

Examples of our enrichments

Conzoom neighborhood classifier

The Nordic conzoom® classifier provides information on the socio-economic situation of households as well as consumers’ behaviour and attitudes. The neighborhood classifier divides Finnish residential areas into ten different groups and 31 classes. Statistics based on grids together with value and consumer behaviour data by TNS Gallup provide the basis of the classification, which means the classification includes consumers’ opinions and attitudes, among other things.

conzoom® can be imported directly to the customer base, which means it can be exploited customer segmentation, register profiling and in all communications and marketing directed at own customers. The classification can also be used in new customer acquisition in addressed and unaddressed printed direct marketing. You can carry out target group extraction for printed direct marketing directly through our Kontakti tool.

Mover forecast

When moving house, your customers purchase new products and services and update their agreements. The mover forecast is produced by combining various types of data, such as a person’s age, building type and tenant vs owner occupation. The mover forecast divides the population into 10 groups based on their likelihood to move house. Group 1 is ten times more likely to move into a new apartment/house in the coming year when compared to group 10 and about three times more likely when compared to the average.

Activity in online buying

The enrichment divides people into 10 groups based on activity in online buying. The classification is based on Posti’s own data on parcel deliveries. In addition to activity in online buying, the enrichment includes likelihoods of whether the item will be returned or not picked up

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