Learn about your customer data with a free mini-analysis

Are you wondering how up-to-date your register is? Upload your register to the Posti Data service. You will receive an analysis of your register’s condition, information about the age and gender distribution and the most common places of residence.

Customer Profile visualizes these characteristics *

* The characteristics are mainly based on statistical modeling. The information in the report cannot be used to deduce the characteristics of an individual.

Start using Posti Data

Activate Posti Data for yourself or a colleague

If you’re already a Posti business customer and an administrator for the services, you can activate Posti Data for yourself and the other users of your business account on the User Management page. Edit the user’s rights under the Postal Services heading and check the box next to Kontakti. After this, you can log in to the Posti Data service and start using it.

What information do I need?

Get the data in advance

For the service, you will need your customer register as a CSV file. You can prepare by downloading your register from, for example, your CRM system.

Check the data

Check that your customer register contains at least the following information: first name, last name, street address and postal code. The file may also include other information.

Format the postal code

If you edit the data in Excel, please remember to change the format of the postal code column to the special postal code format.

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