Enrich customer data

Enrichments are estimates that describe your customers' characteristics and behavior. With this additional information, you can facilitate and develop your customer segmentation, improve your customer loyalty and increase sales.

Enrich your customer data

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Enrichment service in a nutshell

  • Improve your customer segmentation with new customer data, such as family type, income level, housing, etc.
  • Identify new cross-selling opportunities for your current customers
  • Use enrichment data to target and customize your customer communications
  • Enhance the efficiency of your marketing and improve your customer knowledge and service

Choose the best enrichments for your company

Select the best enrichments for your company in our enrichment service. If you are unsure which solution suits you best, start with profiling the customer register, which analyzes the customer register based on the enrichment data. The customer register profile helps you see which properties and enrichments are highlighted in your register.

Use enrichments to profile your customers or target groups

When you want to know your customers better, profile your customer register in the Posti Data service. link ) You can also use enrichments to define target groups for the acquisition of new customers.

Learn more about how to define target groups with enrichment data

Conzoom – an easy way to segment customer data

The Nordic conzoom® classifier provides information on the socio-economic situation of households as well as consumers’ behavior and attitudes. The neighborhood classifier divides Finnish residential areas into ten different groups and 31 classes. Statistics based on grids together with value and consumer behavior data by TNS Gallup provide the basis of the classification, which means the classification includes consumers’ opinions and attitudes, among other things.

Conzoom® can be imported directly to the customer base, which means it can be utilised in customer segmentation, communications and marketing. The classification can also be used in new customer acquisition in addressed and unaddressed direct print marketing. You can do the target group extraction for a direct print marketing campaign directly through our Kontakti tool.

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