Data solutions

Reliable, high-quality data is a prerequisite for efficient sales and marketing. With it, you get to know your customers better and keep your customer information up to date. We will help you!

What are the advantages of data services?

Up-to-date customer information enhances customer interactions. Outdated customer information can lead to embarrassing interactions. With profiling, you learn more about your customers and understand them better.

How can customer data be improved?

Profiling creates a visual image of what your customers are like and what features set them apart from the population or another comparison group you have selected.
In the one-time update or the continuous updating service, you will be provided with any changed name, address and phone number information of your customers as well as information on customers that have passed away or are minors or duplicates.
In the enrichment service, we attach the estimate information of your choice to your customer register at the personal level either as a one-time enrichment or as a continuous service.

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Profile your customer information

Improving customer understanding facilitates the planning of business and communications as well as the targeting of marketing to new potential customers.

Update your customer information

Your customer’s life situations change. It is important to keep your customer information up to date in order to not lose important contacts.

Enrich your customer information

Improve your segmentation or utilize enrichments in targeting and customizing your marketing communications.

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