Get the most out of your customer data

To ensure your customer marketing bears fruit, you must familiarize yourself with your customer data. Do you know what your customers are like? Are the customer contact details up to date? Which channels can you use to communicate with your customers?

What is your objective?

Increase customer understandingTest your consumer customer register free of charge or order an Extensive Customer Profile from the Posti Data service.
Update and enrich customer dataUpdate your consumer register once or regularly and enrich your data.
Reach customers through your preferred channelsUse your preferred channels to reach your customers in print or digital media.

How to utilize customer data

Increase customer understanding

Make better marketing decisions. Learn more about your customers and their most relevant characteristics.

Update customer data

High-quality customer data is the heart of customer retention. Make sure you can communicate with existing customers and check that your data is up to date from time to time.

Reach your customers through different channels

You and your customer have many touchpoints in everyday life. Reinforce your message and ensure regular encounters with a multi-channel campaign.

Holiday Club takes advantage of up-to-date customer data for more targeted marketing

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