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Our customer service is currently congested. If your case concerns the prevailing coronavirus situation, you will find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Updating your customer register keeps you informed

We can help you update your customer register either with a one-time update or with a continuous updating solution.

Who is the service designed for?

If you are already our customer, find out the status of the addresses or telephone numbers in your consumer register using a free-of-charge register test in Posti’s Kontakti service. If you wish to update the register immediately, you can do that as well.


Up-to-date customer data is a prerequisite for productive customer relationship marketing and sales. When you have the correct name, address and telephone number information, your interaction with the customer becomes more efficient and your message is targeted better.

About one-fourth of all the information in customer registers expires each year due to, for example, moving, deaths and name changes. In the register update, we will provide any changed name, address and telephone number information of your customers as well as information on customers that have passed away, are minors or duplicates.

  • About 25% of customer data expires each year

  • The controller is liable for keeping the customer data up to date

  • Posti has the best service in the country for updating personal registers

Posti is number one in consumer register update services

An expert in address information, Posti knows Finland and Finns. We have over 25 years of experience in automated address updates. About 300 business customers utilize our Address Services each month. Our data sources include the Population Information System (VTJ), the Vehicular and Driver Data Register (Trafi), Posti’s register of mail recipients and telephone number database.

Do you know if the address and telephone number information in your customer register is up to date? Test the condition of your register and order a one-time update for your register.

We make sure that the information in your customer register is always automatically up to date. Transmit changes to your register and download updated information whenever it suits you best.

The customer register can easily be enriched during an update with various types of additional data linked to the customer data. Enrichments can describe the person’s demographic data or behavior, for instance. Enrichments increase your customer understanding and enhances your targeting of marketing communications.