Update and enrich your customer data

Up-to-date customer data brings results

Our services keep your customer data up to date and help you know your customers better. Up-to-date customer data enhances customer interactions and message targeting. Enrichments help you understand your customers better, enabling you to customize your marketing and gain new opportunities for additional sales.

  • Updating customer data as a one-time update or a continuous update service

  • Improve your customer knowledge and service

Updating the customer register

In the register update, we will provide any changed name, address and telephone number information as well as information on customers that have passed away, are minors or duplicates.

Verification Service

The Verification Service helps you check the accuracy of a piece of customer data or address information. The Verification Service ensures the accuracy of your customer data and address information, reduces investigative work and guarantees the delivery of your message. The service is also available through an API interface.

Enriching customer data

Enrichments are additional data linked to your customer register on an individual level. They provide information on the habits and behavior of your customers, help you retain your customers and increase sales.