Vehicle owners

Use Traficom’s information to contact vehicle, motorcycle or snowmobile owners. You can also limit the target group based on information about the vehicle or the owner/holder. Utilize target groups in the desired channel

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Efficient use of Traficom's Vehicular and Driver Data Register information

  • Target group can be narrowed down based on personal and vehicle data.
  • Analytical scoring models to determine the most potential target group

  • One-time and continuous campaigns available as a turnkey solution
  • Reach your customers via print, digital or telephone marketing

Traficom's Vehicular and Driver Data Register contains hard facts about vehicles and vehicle owners. Utilize this data in your direct print, digital or telephone marketing

Examples of vehicle owner/holder criteria:

  • Residential area (province, municipality, postal code)

  • Gender

Create multichannel campaigns with Traficom’s data

Identifying the right target groups and approaching them through multiple channels will increase the efficiency of your marketing considerably. We help you utilize Traficom's data in direct print marketing, telemarketing and digital marketing.

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