User managment

The Glue service user identification information regarding the warehouse is managed by the administrator of your company, who can add new users in the service.

You need authorization for the “Warehouse Manager” service to use the warehouse service.

If you already have an ID for any of Posti’s services (for example, SmartShip or Oma Posti Pro) but do not know who the administrator of your company is, you can view administrator information in the service.

Instruction for the administrator on creating new usernames and adding users to the Glue service:

  • Enter to user management.

  • Select "Request a new user".

  • Select organization.

  • Input the e-mail address for the user and click "Add". You can also add more users if you wish.

  • Click "Next".

  • Select "Warehouse Manager" from the list.

  • Click "Next".

  • Click "Make changes"