How to start to use the service

To access the service, make an agreement on the service with Posti.

You can begin using the service as soon as you have received the Posti user identification information for the Glue system required to use the service and have implemented Posti’s warehouse service plug-in module required for e-commerce.

Implementing your own integration is also possible.

If necessary, the administrator of your company can add new users - see the instructions here.

When you have accessed the Glue service and installed the plug-in for your online store, do the following:

1) Set up your products in the online store

Your online store plug-in will also transfer the product information to the Glue service.

2) Make a purchase order through the Glue service

By making a purchase order, you are making an advance notification on products arriving to the warehouse, which you can make use of as you buy products from your supplier.

3) Deliver the products to the warehouse

Order the products from your supplier or deliver the products to the warehouse by yourself. Make sure that the necessary information and labeling is included in the incoming batch of products and on the products themselves.

4) Start e-commerce

Once the products have arrived to the warehouse, warehouse balances will be updated to the Glue service and the online store. Now you can start your e-commerce.

Your warehouse information can be found on the Posti Glue service

Posti Glue is a system used to

  • follow the status of online store product orders.

  • make purchase orders to the warehouse to notify about incoming replenishments to the warehouse.

  • make sales orders, for instance, to send new products or order products to be used by your company or for conventions.

  • view balances of products at the warehouse.