Sending orders and delivery types

Picking and sending orders

Usually, orders placed by 2 p.m. on weekdays are picked and sent during the same weekday. The target for delivery accuracy is 98%. Orders can be placed in the online store or through the Glue service. Orders can also be sent during the same weekday if there are irregularities in the volume of products being processed. Posti is not responsible for any direct or indirect inconveniences to the customer caused by potential delays in delivery.

Warehousing follows FIFO principles for all items (FIFO = First In First Out). This means that the first goods to arrive to the warehouse will be the first goods to be delivered.

Packaging and packaging materials

Delivered goods are always packed in transport packages provided by Posti. Larger orders can also be delivered on pallets. Orders are packed either in corrugated cardboard boxes, cardboard bags or on pallets. Packaging materials are charged according to the packaging material price list.

Packaging material prices of parcel products include the tape and fillings used in packaging. Products delivered on pallets include the price of wrapping the products. Delivery note or equivalent documents will not be sent with the packaging.

Posti’s address labels are placed on the packaging.

Available methods of delivery

The following Posti delivery types can be used for the warehouse service. The deliveries are provided according to the service conditions of transport services, for which the customer has agreed to separately

Transport serviceDescriptionAdditional service
Postipaketti (Postal Parcel)Delivery to a Posti pickup point.Fragile, LQ Process permit, Oversized
Pikkupaketti (Small Parcel)Delivery to a mail slot or box.
Kotipaketti (Home Parcel)Delivery at a time chosen by the recipient.Fragile, LQ Process permit, Oversized
Express-rahti (Express Freight)Day delivery to the company address or home address, pallet delivery.
Express Rahti illaksi (Express Freight, by evening)Delivery at a time chosen by the recipient, pallet delivery.
Express Rahti, aamuksi (Express Freight, by morning)Morning delivery to the company address or home address, pallet delivery.
Nouto (Pickup from the warehouse)Pickup from warehouse pickup point, address Postimiehenkuja 1, 01530 Vantaa. The pickup point is open Mon–Fri between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pickups are charged according to the warehouse service price list. Orders placed by 2 p.m. on weekdays can be picked up the following morning after 8 a.m. Before pickup, we recommend that you check from the Glue service that the order has been processed (order status “Delivered”). Warehouse customers’ orders are usually processed at the pickup point, so you should mention “Posti eCom warehouse” and your order number.
Parcel ConnectDelivery to countries inside the EU where Parcel Connect is available.
Postal Parcel to the Baltic countriesDelivery to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Express Business Day ParcelDelivery inside the EUCall before delivery, Oversized, Home delivery
Express Business Day PalletDelivery inside the EU

Partial deliveries and back orders

If there is not a sufficient amount of the products you ordered at the warehouse, or none at all, the order is picked only after the products are available. Ensure the availability of the products and make the necessary warehouse replenishment orders.

Picking accuracy

Posti’s warehouse is responsible for picking errors and will deliver the correct ordered products in place of the erroneously delivered products free of charge. The end customer may return erroneously delivered goods to Posti’s warehouse using the return ID provided by Posti. Other potential fees to the customer are not reimbursed. The customer must themselves monitor picking accuracy and make a reclamation request for any potential errors.

Orders unfit for the desired delivery type

The warehouse delivers the orders according to the delivery type displayed in the order. If the delivery type is unfit for the order, for example, due to the size of the product, Posti may change the delivery type during transport and claim the expenses according to what delivery type was used in the end.

Additions to shipments

If you want to add, for example, product samples or corresponding items to the shipments that the end customer did not order, the additional products must be available at the warehouse beforehand and set up as regular warehouse items, and information of the addition must be included with the order.