Packaging materials

The warehouse packs the shipments using the packaging material provided by Posti. You do not need to concern yourself about packages of different sizes or whether there is enough packaging material.

Packaging materials consist of tape and fillings required for packaging, as well as wrapping for pallets.

The following packaging materials are used at the warehouse:

Packaging materialSize
Corrugated cardboard box200 x 150 x 80/126 mm
Corrugated cardboard box310 x 215 x 80/140 mm
Corrugated cardboard box310 x 215 x 190/250 mm
Corrugated cardboard box360 x 255 x 150/220 mm
Corrugated cardboard box440 x 310 x 270/320 mm
Corrugated cardboard box590 x 390 x 300/400 mm
Mailing bag, plastic190 x 250 x 30 mm
Mailing bag, plastic310 x 420 x 50 mm
Mailing bag, plastic400 x 600 x 70 mm
Double-layered bag250 x 70 x250 mm
Double-layered bag250 x 70 x 430 mm
Cardboard envelope195 x 260 mm
Cardboard envelope240 x 320 mm
PalletEUR pallet (800 x 1200 mm)