Warehouse inventory is performed for all items at least once per year. The first inventory is always performed free of charge when the products first arrive. Consequent inventories are charged according to the price list.

The latest inventory event can be viewed from the downloadable product list. You can search for the list containing the items, quantities, values and latest inventory events through the Glue service. You will find the listing through the “Products” page through “Export CSV”.

Inventory inspections and additional inventories requested by the Customer are performed within the normal working hours of the warehouse and charged at an hourly rate. The warehouse must be notified about such inspections and inventories well in advance by emailing Discrepancies in quantities observed during inventory taking are reported to the Customer. The Customer then prepares a balance discrepancy follow-up report (in euros). Consequent inventories requested by the Customer are charged according to the price list.

If any differences occur during picking, the goods in question will be inventoried. In such cases, the warehouse is responsible for inventories and corrections to the warehouse balance. Posti will notify the Customer about the balance discrepancy by email. The effect of inventories performed by the warehouse is taken into consideration according to the contract. The warehouse can also perform inventory on its own initiative and at its own expense in a way that does not cause any harm to the Customer’s operations.

Verifying potential loss in the warehouse is based on a difference between the physical storage location balance and WMS balance. Loss in the warehouse exceeding normal limits for stock shrinkage is reimbursed according to the Posti Warehousing service conditions.