Goods to be warehoused

You are responsible for setting up new items to the warehouse service and their availability. The smallest dispatched shipped quantity of products should be the basis for setting up the item.

Note that product numbers are always stored in the form <business ID>-<product number>, for instance, 0109357-9-10001, where 0109357-9 is the business ID of your company and 10001 is the product number. The plug-in provided by Posti does this automatically.

The products must always include their own product number. Corresponding information must be set up in the warehouse system.

If the product does not include a product number or EAN code, the product can be labeled with a product number by the warehouse. Labeling costs will be charged at an hourly rate. The minimum fee is 0.5 hrs + material costs.

Unsaleable goods (e.g. damaged products) are transferred to their own place in the warehouse for quarantine, in which case they will be displayed “blocked” in the balance when checking warehouse balances. The same warehouse rents apply to quarantined products as to other products, so you may want to order them to be delivered at another location. You can choose dispatch from the quarantine side when making a sales order manually.

There are no costs to disposing of products or packaging materials if they can be disposed of in cardboard and plastic recycling containers at the warehouse. Bigger disposals must always be agreed separately.

The customer is always responsible for any potential insurance for the products during warehousing and transport.

Restrictions on warehoused products

Size restrictions:

  • Every handled product must fit on a EUR pallet (1200x800x1250 mm) and not exceed 35 kg in weight.

The following products are prohibited:

  • Dangerous goods (VAK).

  • Fresh groceries.

  • Products that emit odor nuisances, such as car tires.

  • Products that Posti does not accept for delivery.

  • Temperature-controlled products