Address labels and waybill

Posti SmartShip is the printing and ordering channel for transport documents. In addition to freight services, the service also includes other Posti transport services.

How to fill in the waybill

If you want to fill in the waybill yourself, please do it carefully. This is how you ensure your dispatch will be delivered and invoiced correctly.

The waybill includes the following basic information

  • The contact details of the sender and pickup location

  • The contact details of the recipient and the delivery location

  • Freight payer

  • Transport instructions

  • Product information identifying the item (type, weight, volume, etc.)

  • Number of packages, pallet meters, gross weight, and chargeable weight

See the correct placement according to the SFS 5865 standard in more detail.

Logistics unit labels

Logistics unit labels – domestic freight (with waybill)

Printing transport documents with Posti SmartShip

When you have access to the Posti SmartShip system designed for printing address labels and waybills, handling items is fast and easy. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a laser printer. With Posti SmartShip, you can print address labels for nearly all domestic and international items and letters. Posti SmartShip is available free of charge. A transport document printer helps you easily print waybills and package address labels for freight shipments as well as address labels for Express freight shipments. Transport documents can be printed directly from SmartShip’s ordering channel.

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Implementing and updating your printing software

If you are using some system other than the Posti SmartShip system, please have the waybills, package address labels and address labels checked by our experts before using them. Updating the printing software can be necessary to ensure that it corresponds to the newest service features.

When renewing or updating your printing software, please send us the address labels for checking as a PDF file via email and the templates for waybills and logistics unit labels to us for checking as a PDF file via email

Address label templates

Express Freight address labels

Laser-printable A5 adhesive address label examples

Thermal transfer printers adhesive address label examples

Address labels 1-part. Thermal transfer printable adhesive address labels Address labels, one-piece. Without the notice of arrival and acknowledgement section (note: the card templates are in line with the 2016 product redesign but you can use the cards for their measurements and layout).