Instructions for filling in the publication item mailing list

Instructions for filling in the publication item mailing list


Enter the date and month with two and the year with four digits. The mailing date must always be entered in the list. 2. PUBLICATION DATE (Delivery date)

Enter the date and month with two and the year with four digits. The publication date is the basis for the pricing. The publication date (delivery date) must always be entered in the list. 3. PUBLICATION NAME

Enter the complete name of the publication. Enter the customer's complete name if you are using another customer number than the publication's customer number. 4. ISSUE IDENTIFIER

The issue of the publication is entered without a year. The letter of a special issue, e.g. ‘B', is marked after the actual issue number. Examples: Normal 6 Double issue 6-7 Special issue 6B Double special issue 6B-7B 5. CUSTOMER NUMBER

The customer number is always entered on the form. The customer number is mainly the publication's customer account number starting with 88. The customer number can also be the customer number of the publication's payer. 6. INVOICING ADDRESS NUMBER

This is filled in only when the invoicing address is different from the default invoicing address specified in the publication's product contract or customer contract. If it is necessary to use an address other than the default invoicing address, the customer should agree on this with Posti Customer Service. 7. SERVICE LIST

You can find the service list with item numbers from this link. Additional information about the services mentioned in the Addressed basic delivery's additional services section: If a publication batch of a minimum of 1,000 pieces is unbundled, the Publication's Additional Handling service will be used (item number 17014) for a service ordered for a corresponding quantity. 8. EXAMPLE OF FILLING IN THE NUMBERS

Numbers must be entered in the mailing list clearly according to the model either with a machine or with careful handwriting. 9. ITEM NUMBER

You can find item numbers and service names from the service list of the printable mailing list. You can find the items of publication services from this link. The item number must always be entered in the list. 10. QUANTITY

The quantities of mailed services are entered here. When sending bundle deliveries (product numbers 1007 and 1008), enter the quantity of bundles. 11. ZONE

Domestic zones include

FI = Finnish mainland and AH = Åland Islands.

International service zones include: EU = EU countries - Europe, EU2 = non-EU countries - Europe and MUU = other countries.

The list of countries in the zones can be found in the current valid price list. 12. UNIT WEIGHT

The weight of one item in grams is entered here line-specifically. With the exception of bundle deliveries (product numbers 1007 and 1008). Service-specific instructions for entering unit weight: A personal message will be sent as an attachment of the publication (for instance, a membership card or invoice) Enter the quantity of Economy letter attachment (item number 1028) services to the mailing list without unit weight. In addition, enter the item number of the addressed publication service used by the publication in its own line in the mailing list. Enter the total unit weight of the publication and the attachment as the unit weight of the publication in the line of the selected publication service. 13. TOTAL WEIGHT

Enter here the total weight of the mailing batch. When mailing bundles (item numbers 1007 and 1008), always use total weight instead of item weight. 14. INFORMATION CODE OR DELIVERY ID

The customer can use the information code to easily check the invoice Each line has its own information code The information code can contain a maximum of 15 characters, both numbers and letters. The information code is copied to the invoice as such and Posti does not know what the code stands for. 15. USAGE CODE

Please agree separately with Posti if you wish to use this field. Contact Posti's Sales. Posti's contact person provides more detailed instructions if the use of the field is necessary. 16. DRIVER FILLS IN

The mailer company of the publication does not fill this in. 17. SENDER'S STAMP OR NAME

Enter the sender's name here (publisher, printing or mailing company) 18. RESERVATIONS

Special additional information regarding the mailing batch is entered in the reservations. 19. SIGNATURE AND NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS

Signature and name in block letters are mandatory information. Also enter your telephone number on the list. 20. RECEIPT INSPECTION

This is filled in at Posti. 21. POSTAL CODE

This is filled in at Posti.