Electronic mailing list

Posti contract customers can use the electronic mailing list to submit information about letter, direct marketing and publication items to Posti. The mailing list serves as the basis for invoicing.

When using Mailing Desktop (PTP) or Kontakti, an electronic mailing list will be automatically prepared for your mailing batch.

Using the mailing list

Always send us a mailing list for your letter, direct marketing and publication items. The easiest way to do it is electronically. With a mailing list, we collect information for invoicing: the customer number, the payer information, the number of items and the service level.

  • Items indicated on a mailing list must include a payment indication according to Posti’s instructions.

  • Filling out a mailing list is easy, fast and free of charge

  • The accuracy of information improves as the system issues warnings about incorrect customer numbers, for instance.

  • You can save and archive the mailing lists and browse them later on.

  • Print pre-prepared covering labels from the system. At the same time, the mailing batch information is transferred to us.

  • You can combine information entered into the system to your or your customer’s information for reporting purposes, for instance. Customer list maintenance is easy.