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Unfortunately, due to production overload, we are unable to track or rush the progress of an individual shipment or shipment lot in our mail handling.

Pricing Service

Bring your letters to a Post office, we'll take care of the rest. We price the items mainly on the business day following the mailing.

The Pricing Service handles these items

  • Domestic Pricing Service letters, no additional services

  • International Economy and Priority Letters and Priority Letters + additional Exprés service

  • Postal code area 96000-99999 pricing takes 1-2 days and delivery time moves forward.

  • Posti is not responsible for the delivery speed of items falling outside the scope of the Pricing Service/misdirected items.


  • Place a signed and dated Pricing Service work order form topmost in each box and mailing batch.

  • Separate the letter items going domestic or abroad each in their own box or if the number of letters is low, you can make a small bundle. Make sure that the stacks including the work order form will not come apart during transport.

  • Always place the signed work order form topmost.

  • Mailing instructions 1.1.2020


Order pricing service or work order form


Add order information

I want
As of *
Additional information
Contact person

Add contact person details

Use the international format, e.g. number 019 1234567 is in the international format +358191234567
Person in charge

Add person in charge details

The person who is authorized to sign for the company/association.
Use the international format, e.g. number 019 1234567 is in the international format +358191234567

Add company information

Input the Business ID in the following form: 1234567-8
Is the company already a Posti contract customer
The customer number can be found, for instance, on the work order form of the pricing service as well as on the invoice.
Invoicing information
An e-invoicing address consists of a country code (0037 in Finland), the company's Business ID without a dash and your own specification for the e-invoice (max. 5 characters), if there is one. You can check the ID from your own e-invoice operator. The information for the recipient of the e-invoice can also be found on Tieke's website. If necessary, further information is available from Posti's service support.