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Posti Specimen Item

The service addresses the need for delivering letter-sized animal or human laboratory samples quickly and reliably.

  • Delivery speed is the next working day or the second working day following the mailing, also Saturday Delivery is possible. Check the availability and delivery speed from the Delivery Time Inquiry service (see Express letter).

Sending a laboratory sample

Dimensions The Sample Item is sent in a package with yellow and black stripes. Minimum size: 90 x 140 x 0,2 mm, Maximum size: length + width + height maximum 900 mm, maximum length 600 mm, Maximum weight: 2 kg.

Address marking The address label of a Specimen Item, which can be printed from Posti SmartShip, is used on sample items together with the Specimen Item's postal code in which the last four digits is always 1006. For example 01006 Helsinki and 71006 Kuopio.

Additional services Saturday Delivery and Payer other than the sender.

All the prices include per-item tracking and the dimensions of a maxi-sized letter.

Max. weight

  • 50 g, EUR 3.35

  • 100 g, EUR 3.50

  • 250 g, EUR 4.50

  • 500 g, EUR 5.00

  • 1000 g, EUR 6.00

  • 2000 g, EUR 9.60

Additional services

Saturday delivery EUR 5,50/item VAT valid at the time will be added to prices during invoicing.