Sending laboratory samples

You can send laboratory samples in a letter or a parcel. Sample items are transported in Finland as letters, reply mail items, parcels or freight, for example.

  • The sender is responsible for the correct classification, packaging and markings of the substance according to the TDG act (719/1994) and the decrees and orders given based on it. Read instructions.

  • The letter item or parcel shipment is delivered for transport by taking it to Posti's service point, ordering a pick-up from the desired location or dropping it off at the contract customer's Pickup and Delivery Service for transport.

  • Samples must not be dropped off in a mailbox or a parcel locker, and they are not allowed to contain dead animals.

Sending as a letter

1. When you pay the postage You can send permitted samples of human and animal origin or samples classified under the category UN 3373 as letters. Do not send samples containing dry ice as letters.

The postage fee of a letter item can be paid in cash or with a card at Posti's service point. Contract customers can also pay with a franking machine or using the Port Payé method. Laboratory samples may not be mailed through the Pricing Service. If the delivery is urgent and you want to be certain it reaches its destination as quickly as possible, use the Express additional service. Attach the Express Letter label on the item (Exprès bar code label). In the larger cities, we also deliver samples on Saturdays (excluding public holidays). You can check the availability of Saturday Delivery by searching for the postal code of the place of dispatch and the receiving address from our delivery time inquiry. For the item, you will need both the Exprès bar code label for Express Letters and the label for Saturday Delivery. Labels are available in Posti outlets, and contract customers can also order them using material order form.

You can track the item's delivery on the Item Tracking website using the tracking code attached to the item.

2. When the recipient pays the postage fee Some laboratories accept samples as Express Reply items. The laboratory has an Express Reply agreement if the second digit of the postal code is 1 and the final digit is 6.

The item must have an Express Letter bar code label and a Saturday Delivery label on letters to be delivered on a Saturday. Both the recipient's delivery address (street address) and the reply mail item address must be marked on the item if it is an Express Reply item delivered on a Saturday. The delivery speed of an Express Reply is one to two days, depending on the route. Check the delivery speed using the delivery time inquiry.

3. For contract customers: Sample Item from the Posti SmartShip ordering channel Sample Item is a renewed service for sending laboratory samples. The service delivers letter-sized animal or human laboratory samples quickly and reliably in one to two days. Check the delivery speed using the delivery time inquiry (see Express letter). The service includes the delivery speed and tracking of an express letter.

Read more about sending Sample Item and Express Reply services for laboratory items.

Sending as a parcel

If the size or weight of the item exceeds the maximum dimensions set for letter items, the sample must be sent as a parcel. (Letter's maximum dimensions: 250 x 353 x 30mm, weight 2 kg)

Fragile additional service must be chosen for laboratory samples sent as parcels. Attach an address label and Posti-approved "fragile" labels on the parcel item and mark the Fragile additional service on the address label.

We deliver parcels in accordance with the service level of the selected service. Parcels sent on Friday are delivered to the recipient on Saturday only if the Saturday Delivery additional service has been selected for the item.

Cash customers must use a service where the parcel is delivered to the recipient during daytime, such as the Parcel to the Doorstep or the supplementary service Delivery to the Doorstep in the Daytime. The contents of the item should not be packed in dry ice as this requires a contract customer relationship with Transport Services.

The Express Parcel is used as the parcel delivery service of contract customers. If the sample is packed in dry ice, the address label must contain the text "Näytteitä pakattuna kuivajäähän (UN1845)"/"Samples packed in dry ice (UN1845)".

Outside a separately agreed VAK shipment, contract customers can only send samples that are highly unlikely to contain pathogens and that are classified under the code UN 3373.