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Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Franking machine

A franking machine is an easy and cost-effective way to pay for daily mailings. The machine prints the payment indications directly on the item or on an adhesive label. You can get monthly a detailed breakdown of postage fees. As a contract customer, you can benefit from a VAT deduction. Tariffs for franking machine

New franking machines are small and easy to use. Expense monitoring and pricing can be carried out conveniently. Learn more about the models and choose a suitable machine.

Franking machines are sold and leased by Neopost Finland and Pitney Bowes and their authorized retailers.

Request an offer from the importer

After you have bought or leased a machine, the device vendor notifies us. Immediately after that, we will send you the order confirmation and the activation notification.

  • Pay the desired amount as the machine's operating assets through Posti's Service Portal or into our account in Nordea, Osuuspankki or DanskeBank. The account numbers and the reference number can be found in the activation notification or on the first page of the transaction breakdown.

  • A payment made through the Service Portal will be transferred to the top-up system of the device supplier in 15 minutes, after which you can top up the operating assets of your machine. If you use a bank transfer instead of Service Portal, the payment will be transferred to the top-up system on the next business day.

  • Once the operating assets you paid have been transferred to the top-up center, top up the payment to the franking machine. The balance can also be topped up in several installments. You can find out your balance with a zero top-up and in the newest franking machines with a balance query. In any problems related to the top-up, please turn to the importer or the top-up center. Neopost Finland; tel. +358 (0)9 2532 0200 and Pitney Bowes; tel. +358 (0)9 6824 060

  • We will provide you with a transaction and product monitoring breakdown once a month

Service Portal will make the franking machine routines easier and faster in many ways.

  • You can pay operating assets to your franking machine quickly - the assets will be available within a couple of minutes from the top-up.

  • You can make payments for several machines with a single bank transfer without a reference number.

  • The detailed payment history and the VAT breakdown make bookkeeping easier.

  • You can find all machine-related information (street addresses, balances, etc.) in one place, always up to date.

Danske Bank

BIC: DABAFIHH IBAN tilinumero: FI40 8000 1600 0105 82

Nordea Pankki

BIC: NDEAFIHH IBAN tilinumero: FI08 2333 1800 0121 32

Pohjola Pankki

BIC: OKOYFIHH IBAN tilinumero: FI71 5000 0120 2018 34

The customer can top up operating assets into the franking machine from the top-up center, but only up to the amount stored on the account. After the operating assets run out, the franking machine locks automatically.

Usage data from the franking machine is automatically transferred to Posti with each top-up event. The customer must make sure that the franking machine is regularly connected to the top-up center in order to deliver the necessary usage data to Posti and a transaction statement to the customer.

A customer with the right to exceptional top-up may top up a supported franking machine using a maximum sum of the credit limit specified in the agreement appendix.

The customer has to pay for the exceptional top-up to the bank account specified by Posti within five (5) weekdays from the exceptional top-up.

An exceptional top-up can only be made once in a row and it may not be the first top-up on the machine.

Posti reserves the right to charge a separate service fee for an exceptional top-up. Posti reserves the right to amend the terms of use for exceptional top-up.

The transaction statement contains an overview of the payments and top-ups made on the franking machine as well as a product monitoring report.

The customer can track the number and total cost of the products paid for with the franking machine. Product monitoring requires a scale connected to the franking machine, a valid price memory and a top-up at least every two months, during which the product information is transferred to Posti. The top-up may also be a zero top-up or balance query (further information is provided by the importer or supplier of the franking machine).

An electric transaction statement is delivered to the customer once a month free of charge.

A transaction statement will not be delivered if there have been no payments or top-ups.

How to read the transaction statement

If the customer chooses to terminate their use of the franking machine, they must inform Posti using the notice of termination below. Posti sends the customer a confirmation of the termination and, if necessary, instructions for delivering the machine to the importer. If the franking machine is used in a way that violates the product terms, Posti may terminate the right of use immediately.

If the franking machine has not been topped up in the past twelve (12) months, Posti has the right to terminate the use of the machine without a notice period. If there are operating assets left on the machine’s account, Posti will request a bank account number from the customer in order to return them. In cases where the customer cannot be reached, the customer can receive the assets left on the closed franking machine’s account upon request.

Other matters regarding franking

Postmarking errors

Under certain conditions, Posti refunds postmarking errors made with a franking machine. The postmarking errors will be refunded if their value is EUR 20 or more and if they are less than 6 months old.

Note! Posti does not refund the following postmarking errors:

  • stamps removed from envelopes and postcards

  • stamps removed from parcel items and cases, unless enough of the package is left around the stamp

  • stamps removed from sticker sheets

  • mirror images of the stamps

  • unclear or incomplete stamps

  • postage reply mail stamps

  • stamps on undeliverable items

  • postmarking errors that cannot be verified


Fill out a postmarking error application. Pack the form and the incorrect postmarks in their entirety with their envelopes into one item, ensuring that the package does not fall apart during transport.

Mail the item to: Posti Ltd Franking machine services ID 5009023 00003 REPLY MAIL ITEM

Posti reserves the right to charge the fee defined in the price list for the refund of postmarking errors.

Approved postmarking errors are added to the operating assets of the franking machine, and the amount can then be transferred to the machine.

Postmarking error application (in Finnish)

Underpaid items

Underpaid mail items are handled and priced according to price list for Franking Machine valid at that moment. If this results in additional work or other costs, a handling fee as per the Tariffs and/or the costs incurred will be charged from the customer. Posti has the right to refuse to transport underpaid items.