Franking machine

A franking machine is an easy and cost-effective way to pay for daily mailings. The machine prints the payment indications directly on the item or on an adhesive label. You can get monthly a detailed breakdown of postage fees. As a contract customer, you can benefit from a VAT deduction. Tariffs for franking machine

Other matters regarding franking

Postmarking errors

Under certain conditions, Posti refunds postmarking errors made with a franking machine. The postmarking errors will be refunded if their value is EUR 20 or more and if they are less than 6 months old.

Note! Posti does not refund the following postmarking errors:

  • stamps removed from envelopes and postcards

  • stamps removed from parcel items and cases, unless enough of the package is left around the stamp

  • stamps removed from sticker sheets

  • mirror images of the stamps

  • unclear or incomplete stamps

  • postage reply mail stamps

  • stamps on undeliverable items

  • postmarking errors that cannot be verified


Fill out a postmarking error application. Pack the form and the incorrect postmarks in their entirety with their envelopes into one item, ensuring that the package does not fall apart during transport.

Mail the item to: Posti Ltd Franking machine services ID 5009023 00003 REPLY MAIL ITEM

Posti reserves the right to charge the fee defined in the price list for the refund of postmarking errors.

Approved postmarking errors are added to the operating assets of the franking machine, and the amount can then be transferred to the machine.

Postmarking error application (in Finnish)

Underpaid items

Underpaid mail items are handled and priced according to price list for Franking Machine valid at that moment. If this results in additional work or other costs, a handling fee as per the Tariffs and/or the costs incurred will be charged from the customer. Posti has the right to refuse to transport underpaid items.