Sending a parcel as a contract customer

Sending a parcel as a contract customer

Our services are suitable for regular corporate or consumer deliveries as well as for the needs of online retailers. All our domestic transport services are climate-friendly.

Online service for Posti’s contract customers

As Posti’s contract customer, you have access to the Posti SmartShip web service where you can order and manage your transports and print out address labels. The service requires a transaction code for logging in.

Posti SmartShip can be integrated with your company’s systems or you can use it online. Posti’s interface description can be found at theapi.posti.fi site.

Pickup and Delivery Service

Posti’s Pick-up and Delivery Service saves time and effort and is operated according to your company’s schedule. We pick up and deliver your company’s letters and parcels. We can provide the entire supply chain.

Separate pickup and delivery

  1. You can also order pickup and delivery for individual items in Finland. Submit your transportation order online, over the phone or in Posti SmartShip. The pricing is based on the size and number of the items.

  2. A transportation order for parcels and letters can be submitted 24/7 and free-of-charge by using an online form. The information you filled in the first time will be saved on the online form and will be available for you to use for your next order. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after placing the order.

  3. An order made by e-mail or phone is saved manually in our system, which is why we charge EUR 6.85 per order for the service. You can also place an order by calling +358 (0)200 92000 on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Dimensions and weights of parcels

Maximum dimensions

Minimum dimensions 15 x 15 x 1 cm. Maximum weight is 35 kg, except for Small Parcel which is 2 kg.

Small Parcel35,3 x 25 x 3 cm
Postal Parcel to Parcel Point59 x 60 x 36 cm
Postal Parcel120 x 60 x 36 cm
Home Parcel120 x 60 x 36 cm
Express Parcel120 x 60 x 36 cm
Postal Parcel, large180 x 80 x 60 cm
Home Parcel, large300 x 120 x 60 cm
Express Parcel, large300 x 120 x 60 cm