Small quantity of dangerous goods

When you are sending only small quantities of products classified as dangerous goods: pack them carefully and add the required markings to the item, and we will deliver it to your customer in a similar manner as normal parcels.

Do you send abroad?

Posti also offers transportation abroad for parcels with the LQ Process Permit additional service. Are you interested? Contact your own Posti sales person for more information.

Responsibilities and operating model

The sender's responsibilities

As a sender, you must know the VAK (TDG) dangerous goods (TDG) classifications of your products and understand that you are responsible for packing and labeling thin accordance with the classifications and for providing the transport company with the correct transport information. Items that violate law or the terms and conditions are not delivered. An attempt to send such items can lead to the discontinuation of service and rescission of the contract. As a customer, you are also liable for any damage resulting from your breach of the terms and conditions, such as extra handling fees.


Pack the product (e.g. nail polish) in an intermediate package, such as the sales package. Then pack this package in a cardboard case using filling/stemming material. The products must be prevented from shifting inside the package and breaking during transport. Nothing must leak out of the package even if the content happened to break. The package materials used must absorb any leaking liquid. The total weight of dangerous goods products (the gross mass) must not exceed five kilograms per parcel.

Delivery markings

Attach a warning label to the package, indicating limited quantity. See the template below or Print a label.

Transport document information

Dangerous goods LQ gross mass notification on an EDI message and the address label. The total weight of TDG products in the shipment (e.g. the total weight of nail polish bottles 0.1 kg) is given through the LQ Processpermit service.

Returning products

The party returning products must first contact the original sender. It is your responsibility as the sender to ensure that the party returning products complies with law and Posti's requirements.

Requirements of the TDG 2019 Act

LQ Shipping label

A square with a borderline; minimum length of the side 100 mm. Minimum thickness of the borderline 2 mm. If the package is very small, a smaller label is acceptable, providing that it is clearly visible (50 mm x 50 mm). There is a black zone at the upper and lower corners.

Transport document information: Gross mass of LQ-packed products xx kg

Acceptable products, substance quantities and TDG classifications

Article and quantityTDG class
Nail polishes, inner package max. 25mlUN 1263, PAINT-RELATED MATERIALS, 3, packing groups II-III, (UN 3272)
Nail polish removers, inner package max. 100mlUN 1090, ACETONE, 3, packing group III, (UN 1173)
Hairsprays, spray paints, inner package max. 500 mlUN 1950, AEROSOLS, 2.5 A, F, O
Hair dyes, inner package max 1,000 mlUN 2984, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS (8-20%), 5.1, packing group III
Hair dyes, inner package max 100gUN 1479, OXIDIXING SOLID, N.O.S, 5.1, packing group III
Setting lotion, hand disinfectant, inner package max. 500mlUN1170, ETHANOL SOLUTION, 3, packing group II
Perfumery products, inner package max. 100 mlUN 1266, PERFUMERY PRODUCTS, 3, packing group II-III