Charges for other tasks

Mail redirection and delivery services

You can add paid services to your moving and fixed-term mail forwarding services, such as nearby mailbox, mail delivery Interruption and parallel address and home delivery of the newspaper.

Download the pdf price list for Change of Address and Mail Redirection Services

Modifications to Information on an Item or Invoice already sent

At sender's request EUR 15,09 /modification + vat and possible new transportation fee as Postal Parcel.

  • Altering the addressee's name / address

  • Altering the COD amount

  • Altering the account number (for domestic service only)

  • Requesting the item's withdrawal

  • Altering a term of delivery (cancelling / adding delivery to addressee in person)

  • Shortening the retention period of letter mail by one calendar week

  • For doorstep delivery of an item originally to be collected at postal outlet (for domestic service only)

  • Prolonged storage time for parcels up to 14 calendar days (for domestic parcel service only)

  • Modification of customer data invoice

Requests for modification may be sent by email to

For domestic requests for alterations, the customer will be notified of whether the service has been successfully executed.

Other Services and Charges

Unpaid or Underpaid Items

In addition to unpaid postage 3,00 €/item

Copy of the trasmit document or receipt

10,29 €/document (8,29 € exempt from tax)

Charges for Other Tasks

  • Agreed investigation service

  • Unnecessary or late investigation

  • Additional services at the acceptance office

  • Other extra tasks

  • Extra waiting time during pick-up or delivery

  • Failed pick-up or delivery attempt made on the basis of order

EUR 62.00/hour or EUR 12.00/item