Mail redirection service prices

Mail redirection services are address-specific, and each service is separately ordered. The service fee is service order-specific.

Posti Change of Address

Change of address refers to the notification with which the mail recipient informs Posti of their address no longer being valid and provides the new address to replace the old one. The change of address is free of charge. On the basis of a change of address, Posti forwards letter items sent to the former address, unless otherwise agreed with the sender. The change of address notification does not affect parcel deliveries.

Posti Relocate

Upon a Posti New Address, a forwarding service for 12 months, which covers all mail items.

A Relocation Post Service is a comprehensive forwarding service to be ordered for permanent address change. We will send back addressed letters, publications, and addressable ads to your new address. Parcels are not included in the service.

Prices /12 monthsVAT 0%VAT 24%
With form7289,3
Prices / 12months (1.5.2022)VAT 0%VAT 24%
With form78,7797,69

Fixed-term mail forwarding

1 week - 2 months

You will receive addressed postal items (letters, publications, bulk letters) that have been sent to your permanent address at a different address, e.g. summer house, for a fixed term.

Prices / 1 week- 2 monthsVAT 0%VAT 24%
With form55,969,3
Prices / 1 week - 2 months (1.5.2022)VAT 0%VAT 24%
With form61,1575,81

Posti Suspend and Store

1 week - 2 months

You can suspend your mail for example while you are on holiday.

Prices / 1 week - 2monthsVAT 0%VAT 24%
With form45,155,9
Prices / 1 week - 2months (1.5.2022)VAT 0%VAT 24%
With form49,3461,15