Price list for mail services

On this page, you will find the valid letter and card prices for private customers and companies paying in cash. Custom Clearance Services The old 1st and 2nd class no-value indicator stamps are still valid for mailing. They have the same value as the domestic no-value indicator stamp, i.e. EUR 1.95.

Plus sticker: letter EUR 1.50 and postcard EUR 1.50.

Letter prices for cash customers

Current prices

FinlandEurope PriorityEurope EconomyOther countries PriorityOther countries Economy
Post Card1.952.051.952.051.95
20 g1.952.051.952.051.95
50 g1.952.952.654.103,25
100 g3.904.103.908.204.40
250 g3.906.155.8514,357.80
500 g7.8010.259,7524,6013.65
1000 g7.8018.4513.6538.9519.50
2000 g11,7030.7529,2569,7039.00