Changes to letter, publication, and marketing service prices May 1, 2022

Changes to letter, publication, and marketing service prices May 1, 2022

We are constantly working to control costs and maintain quality services. Rising inflation, especially rising energy prices, and labour shortages directly affect our costs.

We have optimized our transport and delivery routes, for example, in order to control the increase in costs, and this has also reduced our fuel consumption. At the same time, we are promoting our target of being a zero-emissions company by 2030.

However, the increase in costs has been unprecedentedly steep. For this reason, we will increase the list prices of Postal Services by an average of 9.4% from 1 May 2022.

The underlying reason for this is the sharp decrease in the number of postal items. As a result of rapid digitalization and competition, the volume of letters delivered by Posti has fallen by nearly 70% in the 2000s, and this trend is expected to continue.

Customer-specific changes can differ from the indicated list price changes.

Our main services affected by price increases

Domestic and international letters

  • Priority and Economy letters, Posti Pre-Paid Envelopes, pricing service, valuable items and reply mail items

Direct advertising and marketing data services

  • Customer Direct, Home Direct and Postinen

  • Verification Service and Mover Leads

Magazines and newspapers

  • Magazine Pro, Economy Publication and Publication service and Daytime and Long-distance Publication Delivery

  • Pricing changes vary by service

  • The price change does not apply to newspapers in early-morning delivery.

Mail receiving and redirection services

  • Corporate Postal Code, Posti P.O. Box and change of address service for companies, etc.

  • Pricing changes vary by service

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