Changes to letter, publication, and marketing service prices October 1, 2022

Changes to letter, publication, and marketing service prices October 1, 2022

Inflation has continued to rise and this will have a significant impact on our costs. In addition to the increase in the overall cost level, our operations are also impacted by the strong, continuous decline in the volume of printed mail.

Regarding the overall cost increase, no improvement is expected, at least during the first quarter of 2023, which is why we will have to bring forward the price change that usually takes place at the turn of the year. Due to the strong increase in costs, we will increase the list prices of Postal Services by an average of 9.8% from October 1, 2022.

The prices are valid until further notice. Customer-specific changes can differ from the indicated list price changes.

Our main services affected by price increases

Domestic and international letters

  • Priority and Economy letters, Posti Pre-Paid Envelopes, pricing service, valuable items and reply mail items. The prices of letters franked with a franking machine will also change.

  • The prices of Domestic Express Letter, Express Reply less than 3 cm thick, and Priority Reply will increase by 20%

Direct advertising and marketing data services

  • Customer Direct, Home Direct and Postinen

  • Verification Service

Magazines and newspapers

  • Posti Publication and Long-distance Publication Delivery as well as additional services for national and regional publications

  • The price change does not apply to newspapers in early-morning delivery

  • In addition, the price change does not apply to the Magazine Pro and Economy Publication services or to the Daytime Publication Delivery service. These services will transition to regional pricing based on the ABC regional division on January 1, 2023, which is why the price changes will be announced separately in the fall.

Mail receiving and redirection services

  • Corporate Postal Code, Corporate Address, Posti P.O. Box and change of address service for companies, etc.

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