Pre-paid envelopes

All-in-One envelope

The All-in-One envelope is all you need to mail your letter inside Finland. The envelope includes a prepaid postage fee; all you need to do is add the recipient's address.

Envelope sizes available: C4, C5 (with large window panel), E5 (with window panel).


  • Size C5- and E5 51.00 €/set (20 pcs)

  • Size C4 82.00 € /set (20 pcs)

Express Envelope

Pre-paid Express Envelopes are easy-to-use cardboard envelopes for urgent messages. Just fill in the sender and addressee details, attach a barcode and take to a postal outlet. It’s also delivered on Tuesdays.


12.20 €/pcs 244.00 €/set (20 pcs)