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Instructions and materials for online retailers

Our customer service is currently congested. If your case concerns the prevailing coronavirus situation, you will find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Instructions and materials for online retailers

We have compiled materials for online retailers for presenting different delivery types. All you need to do is to use them!

Displaying Posti delivery types in a consistent manner in your online store improves the shopping experience of your customers. Use these instructions to update your delivery information on your website and use the materials in your advertising.

  • Posti’s delivery types are consistently presented on your website

  • The consumers can more easily find their preferred types of delivery

This is how services work

Posti’s pickup points include Posti's Parcel Lockers and outlets in shops, grocery stores and kiosks. The network consists of almost 2,000 pickup points in Finland and is growing rapidly, especially in shops, company premises and with Parcel Lockers in apartment buildings. To have the most up-to-date list of available pickup points in your online store, use Posti’s Location Service interface when searching for pickup points. This also enables you to use the latest services we offer to online stores, such as Fast track and weekend deliveries.

You can present Posti’s different delivery types in your online store easily and simply by utilizing our prepared delivery type information. Download the information here (PDF).

If the delivery type selected by the consumer is not suitable for sending the product, we recommend that the following, for instance, be added to the online store’s general terms of delivery:

● We reserve the right to send small items as letters to your home address. ● We reserve the right to send items exceeding the parcel terminal maximum dimensions to a postal outlet.

Use Posti’s logo when offering Posti’s delivery or payment methods in your online store. In addition to the logo, you can use icons depicting our services. Download the materials from our image database.

The delivery type options may be presented in the user interface of the online store in a drop-down menu or as radio buttons, for instance. The delivery type is usually selected in the shopping cart.

Learn more about integrating Posti’s parcel services directly with your online store.

Use these ready-made marketing materials to let your customers know that their preferred delivery methods are available in your online store. Download the marketing materials and instructions on how to use them here.

The package includes the following banners that can be edited:

  • Posti’s deliveries starting from EUR X.XX (you may specify the price your customers pay)

  • Climate-friendly transport

  • Delivery to a Parcel Locker

  • Parcel Routing Service

  • Home delivery (with shop poster template)

The Customer Return service is used in e-commerce for returning products at the retailer’s expense in Finland. Once you sign a Customer Return contract with us, the consumer may return the products packed by him/her to the address indicated by the online store either through a parcel locker or a postal outlet. Posti charges you for the transport of the returned item.

Customer instructions for returning items when the online store pays for the return:

Example text – returns: You can return your order free of charge via a postal outlet. Pack the items carefully.

Example text – returns using a Helposti code: Order your return code from the address by entering the item ID (a code beginning with JJFI). Drop off the parcel at any Posti parcel locker or service point according to the instructions.

Example text – returns without a Helposti code You can return an item through a Posti outlet. Attach the Customer Return address label provided by us or write our return ID xxxxxx (=the logistics contract number of your online store) on the item and take the item to a postal outlet.

Example text – returns to a Posti mailbox: Write our return ID xxxxxx (=the logistics contract number of your online store) and our return address on the item:

Company Ltd CUSTOMER RETURN Street Address 1 00000 City

Further information, minimum and maximum dimensions

An online store that has signed an international customer return contract (ERS) can offer its customers product returns free of charge from abroad to Finland. The returning item can be dropped off at the customer’s nearest postal outlet abroad. The postage fee of the return is invoiced from the Finnish online store that has signed the return agreement.

Customer instructions for returning items when the online store pays for the return from abroad:

Returns from abroad You can return your ordered items through a Posti outlet. Agree upon the return with our customer service and ask for an address label for the return. Pack the items carefully and attach the received address label on the parcel. Then you can leave the parcel with your nearest Posti outlet.

The recipient’s contact details delivered in the EDI message enable an automatic tracking service for the recipient through Posti’s mobile application and directing of the parcel to the pickup point chosen by the recipient. Remember to always ask your customer to fill in as many contact details as possible in the online store (name, address, mobile phone number and email address) and deliver them to Posti in the electronic advance information, i.e. the EDI message. The mobile phone number is also a precondition for delivering parcels to the popular Posti parcel lockers.

The OmaPosti application gives your customers access to real-time item tracking, increases customer satisfaction and reduces the work load of your customer service team. By activating his/her mobile phone number in the OmaPosti application, the customer is automatically informed of deliveries without having to enter an item ID.

You can present this convenient service in your online store as follows: Start using Posti’s mobile application. Select the most suitable pickup location for your purchases in the application and track your item. Download the OmaPosti application to your smartphone from your phone’s application store()

If your online store does not feature the possibility to select a pickup point, inform your customers of parcel routing. With this service, the customers can choose from which postal outlet or parcel locker they wish to pick up their parcels.

Example text: With Posti’s free-of-charge My pickup point service, you can choose the Posti parcel locker or outlet from which to pick up your parcel. Start using the service by clicking here.

Tell your customers that they can use Posti’s item ID to track their parcels.

Example text: By entering your email address while placing the order, you will receive an email containing an order confirmation and an item ID. You can track the item at or through Posti’s mobile application.

Map of Posti outlets and parcel lockers:

See the storage periods of postal items: Storage periods

Equipment installation service for consumers: Further information on the service and availability check

Please note that the links to Posti’s services may change from time to time. Check the links for functionality on a regular basis.