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Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Sorting Service ensures quality

The Sorting Service provides automated and batch-specific support for preparatory work in mailing. It ensures the delivery of items to their destination, reduces mailing quality defects and makes the delivery chain more transparent. Sorting Service produces 2D codes and 4-state codes that are used on letter, publication and DM items.

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Benefits for the customer

The Sorting Service is free of charge, both for the customer and the mailer company. It is suitable for the mailing of letters, publications and direct marketing items.

  • By using the Sorting Service and complying with the delivery conditions, it is possible to speed up the delivery by approximately one weekday.

  • Errors become less likely to occur, because the Sorting Service guides the mailing process.

  • The quality of mailing improves and the items are delivered to their destination reliably, because the Sorting Service checks the address marked on the item.

  • The item finds its way to the correct post town even if it has a wrong postal code.

Benefits for the company

  • The Sorting Service provides clear and up-to-date mailing instructions

  • The Sorting Service creates the bundle and unit labels automatically and writes the electronic mailing list.

  • The mailer company does no longer need to enter any preparatory work information or the postal code distribution on the Mailing Desktop.

  • Codes are produced to the users through Sorting Service and they will print the codes into items.

How does the Sorting Service work?

*The sorting system of the mailer company must comply with the Sorting Service. The mailer company and Posti will enter into an agreement on the use of the service

If the Sorting Service is not working properly, please wait a moment and try again. If this does not help, check your network connection. Kindly also check that the product information or other parameters you have provided were entered correctly. Erroneous information may cause disruptions.

If the disruption lasts for a long time, send an error message by email to and we will start fixing the problem immediately. The email is monitored during office hours on weekdays. If necessary, our specialists will contact you.

If your mailing schedule is flexible, please wait for the system to start working. If you cannot delay the mailing, follow these instructions:

  1. Keep preparing the mailing batch with the help of the Guide for Batch-Sorted Postal Items or service-specific mailing instructions for letters. - Standard Letter Pro mailing batches are unitized in four directions (4k) according to Guide for Batch-Sorted Items: Loading of items into transport units, page 21.

  2. Use the electronic mailing listMagazines: continue filling out the mailing list created with PTP.  – Customer Direct: continue the mailing list created in advance for the mailing batch. If you do not have one, create a new one. – Priority Letter, Economy Letter or Priority Standard Letter: register the items on the mailing list. – Standard Letter Pro services: we will contact you and issue separate instructions.  

  3. Note that the Sorting Service was out of use in the Additional information for mailing list handlers and Posti’s reception field. This ensures that we will not charge unnecessary additional service fees from you.

  4. Also remember to mark the mailing list as completed and attach cover letters to the mailing batch.

  5. Drop off the shipment lots at the posting place.

How can I get codes to my shipments?

To activate codes, please contact Sorting Service support. You can choose from three different codes.

2D (16x16 = 8x8 mm) 2D (8x32 = 4x16 mm) 4-state code (5x50 mm)


When can I expedite the delivery speed of my items?

Your items will usually be delivered on the third day after mailing. By using the Sorting Service, you can have your items usually delivered in two weekdays, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • You use one of the following services: Economy Standard Letter Pro, Publication, Newspaper, Magazine

  • Your batch sizes and partial batch sizes meet the minimum requirements: Economy Standard Letter Pro: 25,000 units. Publication, Newspaper and Magazine: 15,000 units

  • The address notations on your items are machine-readable.

  • The mailer company bundles or boxes the items in accordance with the instructions provided by the Sorting Service.

Read more about the terms in the "Q&A" -section.

Using the Sorting Service will not, however, allow you to have items delivered on Tuesdays. Items that are dropped off on a Friday will be delivered on the following Wednesday.

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If you are a customer, ask your mailer company whether the Sorting Service has been connected to the mailer company’s sorting system. Ask the mailer company to contact Posti to sign an agreement.

If you are a mailer company, ask your system administrator whether the Sorting Service can be connected to your sorting system. Posti can provide assistance in creating the interface between the Sorting Service and the mailer company’s system. Posti and the mailer company will work together to test the interface and ensure that the Sorting Service will work correctly.

The Sorting Service can be used to sort letters, addressed and unaddressed direct marketing items (Customer Direct and Home Direct), as well as magazines and newspapers. The Sorting Service is not compatible with early-morning delivery newspapers, as customers handle their sorting via their own systems.

The Sorting Service checks addresses and directs items to bundles or boxes according to their identified addresses. The Sorting Service takes Posti's network changes into account, ensuring that items are always routed according to the latest information. The Sorting Service ensures that bundles and items are routed to the correct delivery office or postal center.

The use of the Sorting Service does not necessitate any changes in the customer's operations. It is important that the customer supplies the mailer company with address lists in a clear format to make it easy for the mailer company to enter the data in the Sorting Service. The recipients' name and address details must be clearly indicated in the appropriate columns.

Deploying the Sorting Service results in changes in the way the mailer company operates. The mailer company must use an application specifically for this purpose (Excel, for example, is not compatible). The mailer company should discuss their options with the system administrator within their own organization. Some systems already have the interface pre-installed.

Before the start of mailing, the mailer company uploads the address list obtained from the customer to the Sorting Service. The mailer company also enters item data, i.e. item dimensions, bundle sizes and unit types. Based on the information entered, the Sorting Service creates instructions for how bundles and units must be put together. It creates the bundle and unit labels automatically and generates the electronic mailing list. This means that the mailer company no longer needs to manually create unit control labels (RCC2) or electronic mailing lists. The mailer company also no longer needs to enter any preparatory work information or the postal code distribution on the Mailing Desktop. Furthermore, changes to mailing instructions (such as product changes) will be automatically updated on the Sorting Service.

When boxing items for the Sorting Service, use box labels generated by the service and attach them where indicated on the boxes. You may use a separate box label printer or a normal printer.

The Sorting Service's processing time of address data is approximately 1.5 minutes for 100,000 addresses. The service turnaround time shown to the mailer company is also affected by the speed and data communications connections of the mailer company's own systems. One user has commented that the time it takes to complete the sorting process is barely long enough to refill your coffee mug. The Sorting Service is available 24/7, except for any downtime caused by system maintenance. Posti will inform mailer companies of any service interruptions ahead of time.

Transport unitizing is based on the efficient processing of items, the carrying capacity of transport units (weight and volume) and occupational safety and health restrictions. For example, the weight limit for a rolltainer is 250kg, including the unit's empty load. The mailer company decides what kinds of transport units to use.

The Sorting Service will not correct incorrect addresses on items. Instead, it identifies correct postal codes on items and directs items to the appropriate delivery office.

The Sorting Service only checks whether the indicated address exists and corrects mistakes such as incorrect postal codes. It does not check for information on the recipient having moved, for example. It uses corrected address data only to put items in alphabetical order and to sort them into bundles. It does not return corrected addresses to the mailer company. Instead, it simply prints the original incorrect address on the item. The Sorting Service helps ensure delivery to the recipient by allowing items to be routed to the correct operating location even when the postal code is incorrect.

Posti offers a separate address updating service. If you have ordered the updating service, the corrected address will be printed on the item. For now, the address updating service has not been connected to the Sorting Service.

Economy-vakiokirje Pron tai lehden kulkunopeutta voidaan nopeuttaa, jos lähetyksesi eräkoot ja osaerät ovat riittävän suuria.

Eräkokominimit ovat: Economy-vakiokirje Pro: 25 000 kpl. Lehti, Sanomalehti ja Aikakauslehti: 15 000 kpl.