Sorting Service ensures quality

The Sorting Service provides automated and batch-specific support for preparatory work in mailing. It ensures the delivery of items to their destination, reduces mailing quality defects and makes the delivery chain more transparent. Sorting Service produces 2D codes and 4-state codes that are used on letter, publication and DM items.

Benefits for the customer

The Sorting Service is free of charge, both for the customer and the mailer company. It is suitable for the mailing of letters, publications and direct marketing items.

  • By using the Sorting Service and complying with the delivery conditions, it is possible to speed up the delivery by approximately one weekday.

  • Errors become less likely to occur, because the Sorting Service guides the mailing process.

  • The quality of mailing improves and the items are delivered to their destination reliably, because the Sorting Service checks the address marked on the item.

  • The item finds its way to the correct post town even if it has a wrong postal code.

Benefits for the company

  • The Sorting Service provides clear and up-to-date mailing instructions

  • The Sorting Service creates the bundle and unit labels automatically and writes the electronic mailing list.

  • The mailer company does no longer need to enter any preparatory work information or the postal code distribution on the Mailing Desktop.

  • Codes are produced to the users through Sorting Service and they will print the codes into items.

How does the Sorting Service work?

*The sorting system of the mailer company must comply with the Sorting Service. The mailer company and Posti will enter into an agreement on the use of the service

How can I get codes to my shipments?

To activate codes, please contact Sorting Service support. You can choose from three different codes.

2D (16x16 = 8x8 mm) 2D (8x32 = 4x16 mm) 4-state code (5x50 mm)


Samples of 2D and 4 state codes

When can I expedite the delivery speed of my items?

Your items will usually be delivered on the third day after mailing. By using the Sorting Service, you can have your items usually delivered in two weekdays, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • You use one of the following services: Publication, Newspaper, Magazine

  • Your batch sizes and partial batch sizes meet the minimum requirements: Publication, Newspaper and Magazine: 15,000 units

  • The address notations on your items are machine-readable.

  • The mailer company bundles or boxes the items in accordance with the instructions provided by the Sorting Service.

Read more about the terms in the "Q&A" -section.

Using the Sorting Service will not, however, allow you to have items delivered on Tuesdays. Items that are dropped off on a Friday will be delivered on the following Wednesday.