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Kontakti – a tool for direct marketing

Kontakti is a diverse online tool for planning and implementing direct marketing. You can manage all of the planning of Home Direct deliveries as well the purchase and mailing chain using Kontakti.

Home Direct and Home Direct Premium items are ordered through Kontakti or PTP. Kontakti is particularly well-suited for campaign and small item mailing, whereas PTP is particularly well-suited for regular and repeated mailing.

In Kontakti, you will find all direct marketing tools as well as tools for customer acquisition, communications, announcements and taking care of your existing customers. Buy consumer or corporate decision maker addresses or plan the regional advertisement distributions. Send letters, announcements and campaigns to your customers all at once. In order to make sure that your mailed items reach their destination, check your customer register and update it.

You can manage all of the planning of Home Direct deliveries as well as the purchase and mailing chain using Kontakti:

  • The customer places an order via Kontakti and transfers it to the mailer company.

  • Kontakti provides instructions on unitizing deliveries and submits delivery information to the electronic mailing list.

  • The system allows you as a mailer company to print transport unit container labels and bundle labels.

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