Batch sorting and bundling

Batch sorting, or bundling, and unitizing are necessary for large mailing batches. Publications are normally always mailed in bundles. The Guide for Batch-Sorted Postal Items (Addressing, Bundling and Unitizing) is intended to be used by large-volume senders as well as printing and mailing companies to help with preparing mailing batches for mailing.

Correctly bundled mailing batches speed up sorting and a properly tied bundle that can withstand machine-sorting ensures that your item will arrive neat and intact. The recipient receives your item in the same condition as it was sent.

Postal items are sorted by postal code and bundled according to the instructions provided in the Guide for Batch-Sorted Postal Items (Addressing, Bundling and Unitizing). An additional handling fee may be charged for non-compliance with the instructions.

Below, we have gathered instructions on key matters related to batch sorting. If you use the Sorting Service, you will automatically receive the correct information.

  • Bundling order A bundle is created when items addressed to a certain postal code, transport direction, delivery office, postal code area or sorting center form a bundle of a minimum of 2 centimeters.

  • Bundle label Bundle labels must include delivery service and and control information.

  • Control information Control information for items Bundles can also be dropped off without bundle labels if the items have address and control information markings.

  • Transport units and unitizing levels Transport units should be packed in a way that ensures that the items will remain undamaged from the sender to the recipient.

The unitizing levels are specified in the Guide for Batch-Sorted Postal Items . You can use the RCC2 control label application to print transport unit control labels with bar codes. In unclear situations, please contact our customer service.