Instructions for mailer companies

Instructions for mailer companies

On this page, you can find mailing instructions and tools for mailing large or regular publication, letter and direct advertisement batches.

The latest version of the instructions:

Posti Pro Magazines Posti Pro Customer Direct guide Guide for Batch-Sorted Postal Items 2021 Guide to machine-sortable items 2022 Mailing instructions for Customer Direct 2021 Mailing instructions for Economy Standard Letter Pro 2022 Mailing instructions for Priority Standard Letter Pro 2022 Mailing instructions for Home Direct

Mailer companies’ tools

Mailer companies' tools, electronic ordering channels, are available on the Posti service channels. All of the ordering channels are logged into using the same user codes. User codes can be obtained from your company's administrator. If your company does not yet have an administrator, order user codes.

If you wish to make last minute changes to mailing batch posting times or locations informed on PTP, please submit a change request using this form. Changes are subject to a charge.

Mailing Desktop

Mailing Desktop (PTP) is a tool that is intended for regular and repeated mailing of publications and Home Direct items. PTP is used to make annual and advance orders for deliveries and mailing plans related to these. Based on the information submitted, an electronic mailing list will be generated, and the mailer company can print the needed mailing instructions and documents.

Sorting Service ensures quality

The Sorting Service provides automated and batch-specific support for preparatory work in mailing. It ensures the delivery of items to their destination, reduces mailing quality defects and makes the delivery chain more transparent. Sorting Service produces 2D codes and 4-state codes that are used on letter, publication and DM items.

Batch sorting and bundling

Batch sorting, or bundling, and unitizing are necessary for large mailing batches. Publications are normally always mailed in bundles. The Guide for Batch-Sorted Postal Items (Addressing, Bundling and Unitizing) is intended to be used by large-volume senders as well as printing and mailing companies to help with preparing mailing batches for mailing.

Machine processing for smoother handling

When preparing the items, find out and bear in mind the service-specific requirements of Posti’s mechanical handling, such as measure and weight limits and the placement requirements of 2D codes, 4-state codes and address information. Machine-sortable items move quickly through the various stages of processing and are delivered to the recipient on schedule and in the correct form.

Electronic mailing list

Posti contract customers can use the electronic mailing list to submit information about letter, direct marketing and publication items to Posti. The mailing list serves as the basis for invoicing.When using Mailing Desktop (PTP) or Kontakti, an electronic mailing list will be automatically prepared for your mailing batch.

Kontakti – a tool for direct marketing

Kontakti is a diverse online tool for planning and implementing direct marketing. You can manage all of the planning of Home Direct deliveries as well the purchase and mailing chain using Kontakti.Home Direct and Home Direct Premium items are ordered through Kontakti or PTP. Kontakti is particularly well-suited for campaign and small item mailing, whereas PTP is particularly well-suited for regular and repeated mailing.

Posti Pro Magazines

With Posti Pro You can place an order for nationwide publication delivery services Magazine Pro and Economy Publication. With nationwide publication delivery, you will reach all consumers, companies and organizations in Finland on weekdays through the most extensive delivery network in the country. Use of these services require the provision and updating of annual advance information.