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Mailbox Placement and Grouping

Placement and installation of a new mailbox

Before placing a mailbox, please contact Posti Customer Service. The local Posti representative will contact you and indicate the correct mailbox location based on your address. Posti determines the mailbox location based on the Postal Act and the regulations of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The mailbox must be placed in the location indicated by Posti.

As a rule, mailboxes for private houses should be placed in groups. Mailboxes are grouped from in numerical order from right to left starting with the lowest number.

In street or public road in an urban area, the minimum distance of a mailbox or group of mailboxes from the edge of a pavement or road shoulder area is 50 cm.

In sparsely populated areas, mailboxes or groups of mailboxes are placed transversely approximately 50–70 cm from the edge of a shoulder or broadening area and approximately one meter from the edge of the road. If the road slopes abruptly or has been broadened to accommodate mailboxes, the mailboxes can be placed closer to the road.

The feet of the mailbox or group of mailboxes are sunk into the ground at least 40 centimeters deep, properly reinforced. The recommended height of the point of entry in a mailbox is 100 cm from the road level.

Subject to a charge, the mail recipient can agree on mail delivery to a mailbox placed in a location desired by the recipient.

The service is free of charge on the grounds of mobility impairment or the age of at least 75 years, provided that all the mail recipients in the household in question meet the requirements for the free service.

The mail recipient is responsible for the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the mailboxes as well as for the related costs. When acquiring a mailbox, it is a good idea to observe not only mail quantity, but user comfort, safety and functionality in different weather conditions.

Mail delivery is easier if the deliverer can open the mailbox wide enough to easily place all the mail inside. The point of entry in a mailbox cannot have sharp edges that might cut the deliverer’s hand.

Mail recipients are responsible for ensuring that the deliverer has unobstructed access to the mailbox or group of mailboxes. If a mailbox or a group of mailboxes is placed in a public area or the plot of another mail recipient, the mail recipients must jointly agree on how to maintain the road or other access to the mailbox or group of mailboxes.

If mailboxes are placed in a group, mail recipients can place their boxes in the group individually or the box owners can agree to construct a stand that holds all the boxes. The stand can be made of, for example, metal or wood. When attaching the boxes, mail recipients must observe durability requirements, for example in case of pressure during snow clearing. Mailboxes or box stands should be installed without using an iron bar. Digging with a shovel is safer, because otherwise any underground municipal technology may be damaged. The local electricity, phone or district heating supplier can usually provide more information about the exact placement of cables.

Posti is responsible for compensating any damages to a mailbox or a group of mailboxes due to the regular maintenance of a public road or other route.

Municipalities have various responsibilities related to mailbox placement. Mailbox placement is governed by the Finnish Postal Act (415/2011). As a rule, mailboxes for private houses should be placed in groups along a road. A municipality shall be liable to allow the placement of equipment and minor facilities, such as mailboxes, needed in the collection and delivery of items of correspondence, in public areas (Section 45 of the Postal Act).

Posti is liable to determine the placement of the mailbox (Section 44 of the Postal Act). A party not satisfied with the location of the mailbox may refer the matter to be decided by the municipal building supervision authority.

The matter will be settled in accordance with the stipulations of the Postal Act. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority has issued a regulation regarding the placement of mailboxes on the basis of the Postal Act.

The matter is always settled by a multi-member building supervision authority and the power of decision cannot be delegated to an individual office-holder. An appeal against a decision may be lodged in an administrative court as provided in the Administrative Judicial Procedure Act (Section 80 of the Postal Act).

Grouping in old residential areas The mailboxes for private houses are grouped one area at a time. Before grouping begins in a specific area, Posti’s representatives will contact the relevant municipality. Mailbox placement must not be an impediment to road or street maintenance or cause unnecessary traffic risks. Utilizing the municipality’s expertise is essential for planning mailbox placement. Good cooperation benefits the residents in the area as well as the municipality and Posti. New residential areas and new construction

Posti is happy to collaborate with municipalities in the planning stage of new private house areas. Planning the placement of mailboxes in advance helps to create a harmonious and functional environment. Moreover, advance planning and the distribution of information to constructors prevent disputes related to mailbox placement and reduce the need for municipalities to settle matter at a later stage. If the matter is topical in your municipality, please leave a contact request through Posti Customer Service.

A party constructing an individual detached house must look into many things. The municipal building supervision authority can advise the builder to consult Posti about mailbox placement in advance. This will help to avoid the placement of a mailbox or another structure intended for mail delivery in an unsuitable location.