Mailbox placement instructions

Placement and installation of a new mailbox

Before placing a mailbox, please contact Posti Customer Service. The local Posti representative will contact you and indicate the correct mailbox location based on your address. Posti determines the mailbox location based on the Postal Act and the regulations of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. The mailbox must be placed in the location indicated by Posti.

As a rule, mailboxes for private houses should be placed in groups. Mailboxes are grouped from in numerical order from right to left starting with the lowest number.

In street or public road in an urban area, the minimum distance of a mailbox or group of mailboxes from the edge of a pavement or road shoulder area is 50 cm.

In sparsely populated areas, mailboxes or groups of mailboxes are placed transversely approximately 50–70 cm from the edge of a shoulder or broadening area and approximately one meter from the edge of the road. If the road slopes abruptly or has been broadened to accommodate mailboxes, the mailboxes can be placed closer to the road.

The feet of the mailbox or group of mailboxes are sunk into the ground at least 40 centimeters deep, properly reinforced. The recommended height of the point of entry in a mailbox is 100 cm from the road level.