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Handling fees for items requiring customs clearance will be introduced on January 31, 2020 – what you should know about the renewal

Posti will introduce a new handling fee as of January 31, 2020. The fee only applies to goods whose value exceeds EUR 22 and that arrive from outside the EU or from special areas of the EU’s Excise Duty and Value-Added Taxation Area and require customs clearance.

When the value of the item is EUR 22 or more, the handling fee is EUR 2.90 per individual item.

Import clearance for incoming items

What has changed?

  • Posti’s services remain otherwise unchanged but, as of January 31, 2020, a EUR 2.90 handling fee will be charged for items over EUR 22.

  • The handling fee applies to individual items that arrive from outside the EU and whose value exceeds EUR 22.

  • You will receive a notification of the handling fee at the same time as the notice of arrival for the item requiring customs clearance. The notice is delivered to your home by mail.

Perform the customs clearance and pay taxes, if any, and the handling fee immediately after you have received the notice of arrival for the item to be cleared.

The taxes and the handling fee must be paid within 20 days of the item’s arrival date. Items that are not cleared will be returned to the sender.

If you think the item does not require customs clearance, you can send an exemption request to Attach the order confirmation or description of the gift and its value and the arrival ID to the request.

NOTE! The new handling fee does not apply to goods that arrive from inside the EU nor items that arrive from outside the EU and whose value is less than EUR 22.

Four clearance alternatives

Finnish Customs' web customs service

You can take care of the customs clearance yourself at

Clear your item by going to > Declaring goods online > Tuonti-ilmoituspalvelu (Import declaration service) > Uusi postitullaus (New postal declaration). If you have any questions, please contact customs by calling +358 295 5206 or visit > Buying online?

Finnish Customs operating locations

You can clear your item through the customs at any Finnish Customs operating locations and stations that carry out the customs declarations of postal parcels. You can find the locations here: Customs offices. Once the postal item has been cleared with customs, we will deliver it to you according to your chosen delivery type: either to your home address or to your nearest postal outlet.

Authorizing an agent

You can authorize an agent to carry out the customs clearance on your behalf.

Posti's customs clearance services for private and business customers

The customs clearance service prices are shown in the Service price list and they are subject to possible duties and taxes. We will deliver the cleared items to the customer or to be picked up at a Posti outlet. For further information, please call +358 20 451 5900 or send email to

For companies: Customs transit for a postal item

Customs transit mainly applies to freight shipments. Agree upon the customs transit with a forwarder acting as the store-keeper to whom the Finnish Customs have granted the status of an authorized recipient. We do not offer customs transit services; we only transport postal items when the customs transit has been carried out by an authorized company.

Authorized forwarders are listed on the Finnish Customs website. You can search for companies by entering the name of the city in the field. Authorized recipients (VV) are marked with an X in the right-hand column of the table.

The forwarding company is responsible for the pricing of their services.

Q & A about the renewal

If you receive a notice of arrival and do not recognize the item in question, turn to the sender to inquire about the content of the item. The recipient of the item must pay its taxes, customs duties and handling free within the 20-day storage period. If these are not paid, the item will be returned to the sender automatically after the deadline.

If you do not perform customs clearance yourself, send the customs clearance assignment to Posti at the latest two days prior to the return date. Do the following: 

  1. Collect the necessary attachments: (1) order confirmation, commercial invoice or receipt, (2) personal identity number or business ID and (3) description of the content of the item. The export clearance decision (Posti Return Items), the pro forma invoice and the certificate of origin may also be needed.

  2. Send the attachments and the filled-out customs clearance assignment you received with the notice of arrival to or Posti Oy/Huolinta, P.O. Box 611, FI-00011 Posti, Finland.

A notice of arrival identifies the item and is only sent in paper form by letter mail. The recipient needs the notice for identifying the item. However, if you know the ID number and content of the item, it might be possible for you to identify the item with these details.

Posti will send the notice of arrival only once. If you know the ID number and content of the item, it might be possible for you to identify the item with these details.

The purpose of the handling fee is to cover the costs resulting from the manual handling, notification procedure and warehousing of items subject to customs declaration. The fee is based on the agreements made in the Universal Postal Union.

The fee is EUR 2.90 per item (VAT 0%). 

Posti delivers items to a temporary warehouse, informs the Finnish Customs of the item and sends a notice of arrival to the recipient. 

Online store websites generally contain a note stating that the recipient may need to pay additional charges in addition to customs duties and taxes. Our aim is to provide information about the change extensively, in order to ensure that as many people as possible would be aware of the change when ordering products from foreign online stores.

The recipient will receive a notice of arrival from Posti as a letter, which provides instructions for making the payment through the secure website.

Payments are made with a debit card through the secure website. In the notice of arrival, Posti instructs the recipient of the item about how the payment should be made.

Yes. After January 31, 2020, you will be able to access Posti’s secure website through OmaPosti and make the payment there.

The item will not be released from the temporary warehouse before the payment is made.

The item will be stored for 20 days after its arrival. After this, it will be returned if the handling fee or customs clearance is not paid. Posti does not send a reminder of the approaching deadline.

No. The payment must be made through the secure website. The instructions can be found in the notice of arrival.

You can only pay using a debit card. The payment is made at and payment instructions can be found in the notice of arrival.

There is no need to inform the Customs at the time of import clearance before 3/15/2020. Thereafter the duty shall be declared to the customs authorities, because it is part of the transportation process.