Digital forwarding

The service in a nutshell

Posti Ltd (business ID: 0109357-9) P.O. Box 1, 00011 POSTI Street address: Postintaival 7A, Helsinki Tel. +358 100 5577 (lnc/mpc, queuing is subject to charge)

Digital forwarding

With the digital forwarding service, you can clear small commercial items worth less than EUR 150 through customs. You can use the service if your item is arriving in mainland Finland and you are an OmaPosti user. You can authorize Posti Ltd to submit a customs declaration to Finnish Customs on your behalf when your item arrives in Finland. To do this, you need to give Posti the required information about the item’s contents and your payment card details. You can make the payment using the debit or credit cards stated in the service. Once the item arrives in Finland, we will clear the item through customs for you. The item can be delivered to you after Finnish Customs has released the item and you have paid the required charges to Posti. Use of the service requires transferring your personal data to Finnish Customs.

Service fee

The service fee for digital forwarding is EUR 0.90 (VAT 0%) per item. The fee covers the handling of the arriving item when the item is being routed to Posti’s warehouse to wait for customs clearance. We reserve the right to send the recipient a printed invoice in exceptional cases. Add the EUR 0.90 service fee to the transport and handling costs you state in the service. We will deduct the charges determined by Finnish Customs and the digital forwarding service fee from your payment card when Finnish Customs has confirmed the amount of VAT to be paid and made a decision about the item. The service fee will not be refunded even if you decide to return the item. The digital forwarding service fee and the charges determined by Finnish Customs must be paid for us to be able to deliver the item. We will return unpaid or unclaimed items to the sender.

Release of the item

The item will be released for delivery only after the customs duties and taxes confirmed by Finnish Customs and the digital forwarding service fee have been successfully paid to Posti. We will return unpaid or unclaimed items to the sender. If you refuse to receive the item, we will return it to the sender immediately without a storage period.

Delivery of the customs clearance decision

You will be able to view the customs clearance decision in your item’s details in OmaPosti after the decision has been made and the payment has been made successfully. The decision can be viewed in OmaPosti as long as the item itself is displayed. Please remember to archive all documents related to importing items.


If you have bought the digital forwarding service for an item arriving from abroad, but the item is delivered directly to you, please clear the item through customs yourself in accordance with Finnish Customs’ instructions.

If you decide to return the item, you have the right to apply for a refund of the customs duties and taxes you paid to Finnish Customs. Posti’s digital forwarding service fee does not cover applying for a refund, so you will need to apply for it yourself. You can notify us separately to ask us to make a refund application, for which we will charge a service fee in accordance with our price list/delivery terms.