Import clearance for incoming items

This means that all online purchases and publications arriving from outside the EU will be subject to VAT and customs clearance. Customs clearance is required for all items for which a value has been marked (documents, gifts). If you don’t know what the item contains, please ask the sender.

IOSS items

If you already paid VAT when you bought the item and the sender has sent the information about this to Posti electronically, Posti will submit the import declaration for you. The price is EUR 0. If Posti does not have the required information, please clear the item through customs in Finnish Customs’ online service. You do not need to pay Posti’s handling fee.

Customs clearance before the item arrives in Finland

Digital customs clearance

Digital customs clearance can be done in OmaPosti, which you can use in the app or on a browser at You will get a notification when you are about to receive an item that requires customs clearance. You can also add items to tracking by manually inserting the tracking code. Please follow the instructions and do digital customs clearance before the item arrives in Finland. Available for purchases worth up to EUR 150. The service fee for digital customs clearance is EUR 0.90 (VAT 0%) per item + the tax set by Finnish Customs.

You don’t have to pay Posti’s handling fee if you receive a notification from Customs that your item is not subject to tax. Your item will be released within one day of the customs clearance.

Notice of arrival

Notice of arrival

Posti’s handling fee

Customs clearance of gifts

Customs clearance of document items

Customs clearance of newspapers and magazines

Digital customs clearance

Customer clearance assignment to Posti