Import clearance for incoming items

Items arriving from outside the EU or from special areas of the EU’s Excise Duty and Value-Added Taxation Area may require customs clearance. Items that don’t require customs clearance are delivered to the recipient or to the nearest Posti outlet. As a rule, items need to be cleared if their value is over EUR 22 or if they contain tobacco, alcohol or perfumes. Finnish Customs will calculate the customs duty and taxes for the item. We’ll send the recipient a notice of arrival for the item to be cleared.

The goods must be declared and the taxes paid within 20 days of arrival. If the customs declaration has not been paid by the end of the storage period, the item will be returned. The storage period of items cannot be extended. The item will be delivered at your address or to the closest postal outlet free of charge after the customs declaration.

You may apply for exemption for items that do not require customs declaration at the address Submit the order confirmation, its value and the arrival ID.

Four clearance alternatives

  1. Finnish Customs web import service

  2. Finnish Customs’ operating locations You can clear your item through the customs at any Finnish Customs operating locations and stations that carry out the customs declarations of postal parcels. Contact details. Once the postal item has been cleared with customs, we will deliver it to you according to your chosen delivery type: either to your home address or to your nearest postal outlet.

  3. Authorizing an agent

  4. Posti’s customs clearance services for private and business customers We deliver cleared items to the customer, a Posti shop or a postal agency shop for pick-up. Prices are shown in the price list and they are subject to possible duties and taxes. For further information, please call +358 20 451 5900 or send e-mail to

Delivering postal item’s customs transit

Agree upon the customs transit with a forwarder acting as the store-keeper to whom the Finnish Customs have granted the status of an authorized recipient. We do not offer customs transit services, we only transport postal items when the customs transit has been carried out by an authorized company.

Authorized forwarders are listed on the Finnish Customs website. You can search for companies by entering the name of the city in the field. Authorized recipients (VV) are marked with an X in the right-hand column of the table.

The forwarding company is responsible for the pricing of their services.