Please confirm telephone number

  1. Identify yourself with your Posti username or online bank user ID.

  2. Check your mobile phone number. Please confirm it with a verification code and add your e-mail address.

  3. Please accept the terms and conditions of use of Posti's electronic consumer services and product terms of the parcel routing service.

Why do I have to confirm my telephone number?

You are about to receive a parcel to a Parcel Point and the sender wants to verify your identity. The verification is done by confirming the telephone number in the order in the Posti service. You have received a related SMS from Posti. The identification is needed only once and will remain valid until further notice. After the identification, we will send you the opening code of the locker as soon as the shipment requiring identification can be picked up from the Parcel Point. Should the parcel already be at the Parcel Point, you will receive the locker code within approximately one hour from the identification.

At the same time, you will have the chance to activate the free-of-charge parcel routing service and choose a pick-up location for your parcels. You can also start using the OmaPosti or Address Book services.

For what is my information used?

Your information will be saved in the customer register of Posti’s electronic consumer services. You can express whether you want to or do not want to receive information about Posti’s benefits, offers and competitions via e-mail. Should you allow this type of communication, you will receive a regular monthly newsletter.