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Postal Code Services

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Postal Code Services

Postal Code Services are free files that provide up-to-date information about postal codes and addresses in Finnish municipalities and postal code areas. You can connect them to your company's address databases and facilitate the maintenance of mailing lists and address registers. The files do not contain street names, map data or other positioning data.

Files to be downloaded

  • The Postal Code Data File contains Finnish postal codes that are valid as addresses, along with their basic information.

  • The Basic Address File contains all Finnish (excluding Åland Islands) postal codes that are valid as addresses, streets and municipalities. If a street is divided into several postal codes, the correct postal code is indicated by building numbers.

  • Information about changes in postal codes over the previous month.

Read the service description and terms of use. The description contains file names and record descriptions, for instance. When transferring the files or service documents, the service description and terms of use must always be delivered, too.

See also

Service description and terms of use (pdf)

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