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For businesses: The United States will no longer accept goods that lack content information

When sending letters and parcels containing goods outside the EU, make sure to provide specific advance information.

In accordance with the international contractual and regulation reform, complete advance information will be required on the contents of postal items (letters and parcels) containing goods that are sent outside the EU. The reform entered into force in early 2021. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, for example, has now tightened the checks of international postal items. As of September 1, items will be returned from the U.S. if they are lacking sufficient content information. What to do when sending goods to the U.S. and outside the EU Contract customers Send the information required by the CN22 or CN23 customs declaration, depending on the value of the item, to Posti via an EDI message. The document should also be attached to the item. Required information: • Full name and address information of the sender and recipient • Content information: • An accurate description and quantity of the goods in English, e.g., ‘men’s cotton shirt, 2 pcs’ • The weight of each item in kg, for example, the above-mentioned shirts, a total of 0.45 kg • The value and currency of each good, e.g., EUR 48.60 • The total weight of the item • The total value and currency of the item. The sender must also confirm the information in the customs declaration by dating and signing it or approving the information online. You can also disclose the following voluntary information regarding the contents of the item: • Customs tariff number (a minimum of six digits) The tariff number has particular significance in case of items sent for commercial purposes. • The country of origin of the goods. This information has particular significance in case of items sent for commercial purposes. Untracked letter items Untracked letter items that contain goods sent outside the EU by contract customers should include the barcoded CN22 customs declaration used to report the contents of the item. The document should also be attached to the item. Express letters (when using a separate express label) You can also use the untracked letter customs information registration tool ( for an Express Letter if you use the Exprès label. Fill in the necessary information using the CN22 form, enter the item ID of the Express Letter in the tool, print out and sign the form and attach it on top of the item in addition to the express label. Items paid in cash Add a filled-out CN22 customs declaration with a bar code on top of letter items (electronically filled out at and then attached to the letter as a printout or a label). The printout or label must be signed and dated. In case of parcel items, the required information is submitted electronically either via the online service used to send the item or when sending the item at a Posti service point. The document should also be attached to the item. Previous article on advance information regarding goods: More specific advance information is required for the contents of goods items sent outside the EU –