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The transport of mail between Finland and the United Kingdom is slow due to transport capacity and customs formalities

The COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit have affected transport capacity and customs formalities, and this is still slowing down the transport of mail between Finland and the United Kingdom.

Updated information on March 9, 2021: The transport of mail from Finland to the United Kingdom is returning to normal. Currently, transport capacity is available. However, the situation can change quickly. ***

Updated information on March 4, 2021: There are significant delays in mail departures from Finland to the United Kingdom. The reasons for the delay are limited transport capacity, new Brexit border formalities and the challenges posed by the new coronavirus variant. *** Transport capacity to the UK is limited, and customs formalities are currently slowing down all transport of goods across UK borders, including mail. Royal Mail’s transport of mail has also slowed down, which is causing delays in mail delivery in the country.

There may be long delays for items sent from Finland as well as items arriving in Finland. It is also good to keep in mind that it may be difficult to track the items or deliver them by the promised delivery day.

We are constantly seeking air and road transport connections to the UK.

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