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Sending letters and parcels abroad from Finland to become easier – the number of countries that are cut off due to the COVID-19 pandemic is now only 20

Sending letters and parcels abroad will become easier as transport will once again be available to more than 100 countries from week 17. Transport connections will be re-established with destinations such as most of the countries in Africa and South America. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, transport connections with many countries have been completely cut off for about a year, and it has not been possible to transport mail to these countries. Transport schedules still not back to normal The COVID-19 pandemic still affects the delivery of international items. Transport schedules may differ from what they normally are, as flight schedules may change and transport capacity may be limited. In some cases, the item may also be delayed because its delivery has been paused to wait for onward transport. In addition, items are also delivered less frequently than usual in many countries. For now, transport connections with about 20 countries are still cut off due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. More detailed information is available on Posti’s country-specific information page.